Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Writers Digest Poetics Asides/ Night Watcher/Poets United Mid-week Motif

Night Watcher

the early morning cold white snow covers all that is unsightly

transforms the landscape gently coming down like frozen rain

frosts the sage on the mesa blocks out the view of the mountains the sky

creates a space makes a place for us like the one inside ourselves

absorbs sounds provokes memories of other days

other winters brings to mind the end of days

the length of a life the gift bestowed footprints tell us who is about

who came in the morning who walked at night under overcast skies

like Van Gogh you count the stars catch them in a knitted bag

cast the starry night upon the table your gift you are the night watcher

January 21, 2014

Note:  This is for my Friend, Kathleen, who has turned her camera skyward.


Fashionable I Am Not

i am not fashionable when i go to work a simple shirt and a pair of pants

the hour early i may not know where i am going

but i am pretty sure where i have been my life

like a board game i throw the stone

seek the north star find the longitude the latitude

hop skip the squares draw chalk lines diagonally

lazy lines like the lines in a navajo weaving

this is it my style maybe not so fashionable

but true to find my position I use celestial navigation

using the sun the moon a planet

or one of 57 navigational stars sometimes a sextant to noon sight

circumnavigate the world i create alone in the studio fashionable I am not

January 21, 2015


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Through your words I can hear the muffled quiet of the snow, see it falling, look for footprints. I especially love catching the stars in a knitted bag and casting the starry night on the beautiful!

Brian Miller said...

nice...i love the thought of capturing that starry night and pouring it out on the table as a gift...that would be rather cool.....

Susan said...

Found you! Your link at PU isn't working, but maybe I an fix it. I enjoyed boh of these poems. Night Watcher made me reecall yesterday evening and the way the snow gentled its cushioning around me. I like the gathering of the stars. The Fashion poem is exquisite--to say one has no fashion and then to describe the fashion one has and lift an entire life beyond the ordinary is a skill indeed. The second repeat of "no fashion" is a gentle mockery. Would more could find a way to your fashion!

G L Meisner said...

Great poems. The first was very touching. The second made me think, a sextent isn't fashionable but it is still awesome.

Kim Nelson said...

But talented you are!

Anjum Wasim Dar said...

artistic words and colors -unique..and stylish

Mary said...

Simple shirt and a pair of pants works for me....that is my kind of style as well. And we have our own kind of fashion. Smiles.

Anonymous said...

Excellent poems, Annell. The first was dreamy in images, and the second was fashionable!

Jae Rose said...

I think you create your own wonderful style xo