Wednesday, March 18, 2015

dVerse/An Unseen Shape Shifter

An Unseen Shape Shifter

the wind is not to see     but to be felt though      not as a feeling like happy or sad

we can see the damage it can do    knock down all the buildings on a far away island

named vanuatu    that wind was called a cyclone         spinning winds a tornado

and like the wolf     with the hair on his chinny chin chin       who threatened

                         the little pigs he would blow their house down

the tornado can blow your house down... and your town                        yesterday

we discovered the winds                 had moved the portal you built off its' foundation

& one day the winds ripped the roof off the studio                         in march

when the winds come               it melts the precious snow pack off the mountain sides

the snow pack that is needed to fill the rivers and wash the dust away          in summer

when the sun shines continually              & the air is still a gentle breeze is welcome

it finds its' way into an open window                   cools your face & makes it possible

to live a little longer         moves the wind chimes in the garden reminds you it can be

a welcome companion or a dreaded enemy                      an unseen shape shifter

March 18, 2015


lweaves said...

Brilliant. An excellent name for it. Really captures the positive and negative of the wind.

bwfiction said...

a poem woven like a tapestry - nice said...

Oh - I love the 'shape shifter' very cool personification - and the wind can be the big bad wolf as well as that welcome companion. Really liked this! Thanks

Björn Rudberg said...

Love the shape shifter which can be both the roaring cyclone and the gentle hand that move the wind-chimes.. I love this.

Grace said...

Those strong winds can blow down anything ~ Like the different capture of the wind ~

Claudia said...

yeah - the wind has many gentle and sometimes so forceful... my heart bled when i saw the pics on many people lost everything they had..

lindakruschke said...

I like this. The wolf, with the hair on his chinny chin chin was a nice touch. Peace, Linda

Mary said...

Indeed it can be a friend or an enemy. I like the idea that it is a 'shape shifter.'

Sherry Blue Sky said...

LOVE the idea of wind as shape-shifter. Wow! I also love the breeze coming in the open window "making it possible to live a little longer".

Hayes Spencer said...

Shape shifter! Perfect. And the wind indeed takes many forms. A destroyer and yet, when it comes in the window, it is a life giver. Lovely tapestry here.. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

purplepeninportland said...

Unique take that works well!

blogoratti said...

This is very interesting, and very different style that works!

Pat-Mather Brown Gordon-ceton said...

wonderful words and poetry.

Pat-Mather Brown Gordon-ceton said...

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nominate one poet you know for week82, and have fun.

keep posting.
lovely blog.