Monday, April 20, 2015

Writers Digest PAD Challenge/ My Sorrow

My Sorrow

like an old pair of jeans      easy to slip into        once in & zipped

it is like being in a dark room        familiar                     yet uncomfortable

the night couples with other nights    no real difference       like a long lonely journey

nothing to distract my mind              as it travels the rails              memories flood back

everything sharp                 nothing fuzzy you                       slip your hand into mine

we hold on               not knowing what to expect our                   tears collect on the bed

you tell me through tears             you want to go home                      i stumble in response

i spoke with your then                 & and i continue to talk with you                 i wonder

where are you             can you hear me                     it this the way it is supposed to be

April 20, 2015


humbird said...

I wish I could answer all your questions...but just know, yes, he can hear you, if you talk.....~ it's helpful to organize the thoughts and let them their own time...~ my love and peace to you xx

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Poor young man, wanting to go home. How heartbreaking a moment. I do think he has made his home in your heart, now, and is close by.