Sunday, May 10, 2015

April 30, 2015 Writers Digest PAD Challenge April 2015/ Bury the _______________

Bury the _______________

And why do we bury after all         is it about hiding       putting something out of sight

or... do we bury                                             for fear it might begin to smell

or....bury the hatchet                    is that to bury the strife between us  

old ways just aren't working           yes, squirrels      bury the acorns      food for later

perhaps the idea of burying                                    is to not deal with it now 

putting something off until later        a way of putting the problem 

 out of sight               out of mind               in our country

 we have been burying the problem of hate     oppression          unfairness

 abuse         poverty       education             I wonder        are the elected leaders 

smart enough to dig up the problems                       and deal with them

 be honest about who we are             what we have done      and know how to fix it 

 our history is long                                                   it won't be easy

April 20, 2015


R.K. Garon said...

Interesting question... well presented.

brudberg said...

Love how you started with question.. somehow using questions is more important than giving answers.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Time to dig out what we buried.. beautifully penned..! :D

Mary said...

Well penned. The problem cannot be buried forever....but fixing is not easy, so true.

Donna@LivingFromHappiness said...

Yes we bury to forget and not have to deal with the hard stuff....I am still looking for smart and courageous leaders to take it our, dig it up and put it right.

Old Egg said...

The word 'honest' doesn't fit with politicians. Democracy we blithely think is government by the people for the people, which sadly the furthest from the truth. It is very important to continually ask questions although answers may be few.

Susan said...

We bury seed pods so they will grow. Maybe that's what has been happening to our problems? Excellent thinking and associations. My kind of poem!

Jae Rose said...

no never easy..i think you are right we bury often to hide..but perhaps sometimes that can protect...keep it safe until we are ready to unwrap what is and what was xo

G L Meisner said...

Yes, changing the hatchet to something else might be better than hiding the problem.