Friday, May 15, 2015

dVerse/The Story of a Boy

The Story of a Boy

how to tell the whole story       leaving nothing out       perhaps in the beginning

just a thought             or no thought at all                       we brought you home

it was night        yet we were surrounded by light         the tiny strands of golden hair

reflected the light          it was the beginning of the week           everyday of the week

a good little boy              you grew straight and tall         curious about this new world

always looking under               over           beneath                  behind

you missed nothing          our lives revolved around you           the little boy and his dog

but to tell it all             is to say           they were the best of times               the worst

you got sick           an illness that couldn't be cured                 you were hit by a car

you drowned                        i kept you in a bubble                     safe beyond harm

for all my dreams of safety             you lived as was planned             one day you died

leaving me alone on the beach             sorrow surrounding me                today i cried

tears filled my eyes             tomorrow i will be happy                     ...because i knew you

May 15, 2015


Jae Rose said...

Oh Annell such a poem full of love and that last line - so its author xo

brudberg said...

Annell this is such a powerful demonstration on how the contrasts between sorrow and joy actually can exist at the same time.. the result is always both life and death never anything inbetween...

humbird said...

The healing is possible when we open to release the sorrow and be happy after because this is what is life about... love the short phrases reflecting the breathe...hugs

Sherry Blue Sky said...

A beautiful story of a growing boy who grew towards life with all his heart, and the mother who loved him all his life and beyond. Such a loss, Annell, yet how I love your closing have had a son like Jim is like sunshine got spilled all over your life. A golden boy.

Mary said...

I understand the sorrow in your poem....such a devastating loss. I also understand the joy for having known him. I only wish you could have had him much longer.

blogoratti said...

Happiness is everything and this captures great emotions in a beautiful way.

Kate Mia said...

Yes.. i too am only blessed with short life of a offspring child.. but this child only lives 51 days.. and known immediately from birth is his short life's fate.. and to know truly that the way we live.. in valuing life over suffering.. is sad as well.. as death is his only respite from 51 days of painful suffering in a culture that fosters selfish means of surviving over suffering and the blessing of death..

Ah.. the lessons of life arrive in small and suffering packages.. ah.. the lessons of culture never learn the truth of Nature set free.. where suffering is often as much.. fostered by a way of life that never truly lives a life... as full..

But the end lesson for me is.. i am fortunate.. life is gift.. and to live it anything other than gift is a curse set down up all of Nature's mutations that some suffer through and others thrive..

So yes.. the misery of a child becomes the blessings of my life to give to others to honor the suffering of that child.. and we.. no matter how small and suffering

are in this game together from birth of suffering or death

as life.... YES.. his life is worth IT and IT still lives on

in my eyes.. as well..



Hayes Spencer said...

This is so beautiful. The joy and sorrow existing together and the reasons made tears flow. Moving and effective, and so very strong. Hayes Spencer is kanzensakura

De said...

This can be read so many different ways (horizontally, vertically)... perfect for the prompt.
This matchup is particularly good:
"today i cried

tomorrow i will be happy ...because i knew you"

dimscribblesdiary said...

Achingly beautiful.

Debi Swim said...

sectioning it into three parts was very effective. Made me read it with pauses, gave me time to think about what you just said and visual the boy, his life, his death, your love, your courage...

angieinspired said...

the form works to fashion 3 or more takes on the same instance. if that isn't antithesis, i don't know what is. telling it straight is not straight at all.

Anthony Desmond said...

an incredible beautiful piece... Sorrow and joy can exist togther... from the dark there is light... For me, art is the light that shines on darkness that is tragedy - creating something worthy of a smile.

Sara McNulty said...

This is incredibly heartbreaking, yet perfect for this prompt.

C.C. said...

I can't imagine how difficult it would be to live this, to feel this, to write this...I am moved beyond words.