Friday, November 6, 2015

November 6, 2015 Writers Digest November Pad Challenge / I am Being Watched

I am Being Watched

perhaps it is just a feeling       that i am being watched              or is it watched over

and who would be watching   as i look                                       the universe looks back

in the eye of the gentle cow     in the eyes of the dog                 i see the walking stick

the walking stick                      he sees me                                  i see the wood pecker

he sees me                   the coyote quietly passes in the sage      i see him he sees me

we greet each other without words      when I see the crow        the crow sees me

in early morning                       the sun rises                                i see him

he sees me                      late in the afternoon                           the sun sets on the horizon

red, yellow and gold      we say good night             the moon appears above the mountains

night animals emerge                to hunt                                      in the moon light

i see them                                  they see me                               perhaps this is why

i feel i am being watched          in reality                                    when i see the universe

it sees me                                  the watcher that watches            watches over me

November 6, 2015

Note:  Day 6 Wrtiers Digest  November Pad Chalenge, prompt:  We are Being Watched.

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is a joy to read, as I envision all of the creatures and beautiful sights you exchange glances with..............I LOVE your closing lines. I see we both found a crow in our poems today. Smiles.