Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 12, 2016The Sunday Whirl, Sunday's Whirligig, Poets United / Searching for the Words

Searching for the Words

i wished to sing to you                an aubade                               but the words are lost

i keep searching              the tune misplaced            perhaps i can speak the words to you

the moon was large        in the night time sky                            the moonlight bright

so bright                          bear turned over                                  her sleep disturbed

sometimes              the words i have been searching for             are found dried

like old cheese                    the edges curled when                     i try to sing them

they are so dry                they no longer exist                              in their old form

they unravel                    like threads along the edge                   become fringe

or night mare melodies      you deserve better                             i will continue to search

December 12, 2015


  1. I think words sung with love, even in a cracked voice, must be received well by the listener...........beautifully written, my friend.

  2. Any song will stir the strings of emotions.. wake that bear... :-)

  3. Sometimes words are hard to find....and when they are found, sometimes the meaning has been lost alone the way.....

  4. A lovely poem, and so emotional .

  5. As someone else already said, this is haunting Annell. Our song changes, or gets changed many times over the span of our lifetime. We get busy, lose the thread, but often a different stronger thread comes to replace it. And thanks much for your comment, it made me laugh out loud,


  6. Words are important of course but feelings are too. Often words are superfluous when love is concerned.

  7. "nightmare melodies"---what an interesting contrast of words and emotions you've poised together here.

  8. so touching...words of love has its own tune and color...a wonderful read...

  9. I believe your words always shine but of course we search for better - to match - love, love the she-bear she feels very significant and maybe eternal? xo