Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 29, 2016 dVerse / Taos Mountain

Taos Mountain

you are there      you look after me                         mother mountain

sacred to all        who live in your shadow             listen to the low hum

of your song       the people live in the valley         topsy turvy

or as best they can     still they know                      as long as you stand

you look out for them      the native people            go up the mountain

to blue lake                       each fall                         walk 27 miles

and back again                  i not-being-native          cannot say exactly why

but i like that they do       with native people          all things sacred are secret

and all things secret are sacred   they don't trust us            do you wonder why

is the pale face trust worthy        or could it be      we have we broken every treaty

March 29, 2016


Grace said...

There is a sacred bond between mountains and the people who live in your shadows, specially the native people ~ Perhaps we city dwellers are not to be trusted, as we have broken every treaty ~ Thanks for joining us Annell ~

lynn__ said...

A thoughtful poem, Annell. I'm curious...is Taos Mountain in Colorado or New Mexico? Climbing a mountain can be a spiritual experience.

Marilyn B said...

What an extraordinary journey!

Mary said...

Annell, I know this is a very personal poem for you. I feel your passion for them in your poem.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Such a lot of depth in your lines Annell :)

Lots of love,

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love "mother mountain sacred to all"....and love that the natives walk up to the lake every year. I know about that guardedness of their secrets - for protection, likely.

ayala said...

Thoughtful reflections! Lovely!

Victoria said...

What a wonderful sacred place you sing of. I've never been there but read so much about the four corners and all the mystique that surrounds them. Lovely. Thank you for bringing them to us.

moon child said...

Oh, I love that last line.

Bodhirose said...

I have visited the Taos Pueblos cave dwellings many years ago and have heard that there is an actual humming that many hear in that region of the country. I love the sacred secrets held by the natives and no, I don't blame them at all for not trusting us. I love your beautiful testament to the mountains.

Hannah said...

Yes, I do not blame them for not trusting us. "We" were there downfall...

I love this

"all things sacred are secret

and all things secret are sacred "

Powerful writing, Annell.