Sunday, May 8, 2016

May 8, 2016 The Sunday Whirl #250/ The Water's Edge -- Sunday's Whirligig / Much Needed Rain

The Sunday Whirl #250

The Water's Edge

                         there is only one after                                

each time i return

                         it seems a different place 
of no news 
all is as it was

                         changes come slow
 don't show
 yet the colors seem different

                          the road more narrow
 isn't even on the map

                          as though in a trance
i follow the road
my journey the flow of the river

                          the chant i learned at sea
serves me well

                          stepping into the water
i call your name and i call my own

the only answer
the sound of a lonely fog horn
the cry of a gull

May 8, 2016

Sunday's Whirligig

Much Needed Rain

                      the weather report says no rain in sight
 little water to be had in the desert
we squander
waste always have

                      we were so blessed
all we needed
we were blind
didn't see

                       the sound of a rock falling 
into the empty well
echoes across the land
even today some gop argue
there is no global climate change

                        just a year ago
a farmer told me it wasn't true
if anyone should know the land
should be able to see
all is happening before our eyes
nothing to fear

                         but scientists (the great conspirators) say
it is all happening faster than they thought
glaciers melting
methane released
storms stronger
seawaters rising
flood coastlines
major cities in danger
a price to pay

                        the force of nature stronger than we
we bury our heads
beneath the sand
send rain today we pray
perhaps we will awake
a bad dream
                        wouldn't that be marvelous

May 7, 2016


Jae Rose said...

Oh that gulls cry and the fog horn truly pierce the night of this poem..the absolute and finite state of after.. Wouldn't many things be wonderful if only a dream.. Although perhaps good dreams allow brief trips back to before - hugs to you xo

colonialist said...

Most effective use of the words.
Although in the light of what we are currently experiencing, a no-rain scenario seems a bit unreal!

Marilyn B said...

Excellent, and the cry of that gull is so strong an image.

waterfalls-and-memory said...

The first one is beautifully haunting. The second all too real, so haunting in its own way. Really good writing Annell,


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Like Elizabeth, I found the first one haunting. And you know how close to my heart the second one is...............two really good poems, my friend. Loved them both.