Sunday, June 19, 2016

June 19, 2016 Poets United -- The Sunday Whirl #254 -- Sunday's Whirligig #64 / Rebirth in the Time of the Summer Solstice

Rebirth in the Time of the Summer Solstice

in the shadow of the full moon        an eruption of energy        crows black as night gather

bees swarm                         sweet roses bloom                          a fury of activity

where earth and oceans meet     the artist sweeps the canvas clean             adds new paint

colors chosen by the light of the shimmering morning star                without reason or logic

the scent of honeysuckle fills the air                         butterflies flutter by on colorful wings

ideas are boiling                  bubble over                               a rise to extraordinary inspiration

the heart opens                         the artist discovers a new way of looking at the world

the thorns have been removed from the roses           it is a time of a new era of human history

night is left behind    there is a ripple upon the still pond          the creatures of the mud kingdom emerge

outrage, grief, fear and strife       are left behind                unification of mind, body and spirit

there is a huge potential for ingenious insight                                  love rules the land

no longer the thief                    now the creator                     in the temple of his own studio

open your mind                 it is a time of rebirth                      the muse awaits your return

June 19, 2016


Jae Rose said...

Such energy and excitement here Annell - buzzing like sweet honey bees purposeful as the butterfly's day.. The blank canvas holds much promise and perhaps the best art comes not from reason or logic but from these fluttery magical happenings..

Old Egg said...

I wish this artist would come soon. This world looks too much like Picasso's Guernica for me.

would-be-king said...

You certainly know that moment and detail it well. As the artist rises, we rise with her,


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the rush of excitement, the new colours, the energy. It is just this sort of inner shift that makes hope possible - "love rules the land"...........such a welcome message, especially at this time.