Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 26, 2016 Sunday's Whirligig/A Single Dandelion -- Poets United Poets Pantry--The Suday Whirl: Wordle #257/ Medicine for Broken Heart

A Single Dandelion

life on a coastal tidal plane     emptiness of a single dandelion in bloom    it beckons

waves in the breeze        blooms and shrivels in the hot sun           poppies aflame

orange and yellow flaring           contrast the green sea grass            salt marsh

sparkling sea glass         wildflowers bloom among the dunes           innocent crabs

scurry across the sand          leave traces of movements    wind footprints on the spool

seek scrapes of food            bodies of the dead                   washed up on the beach

a fin here/an eyeball there     a jellyfish/dull and lifeless   a single dandelion among them

the buffet rearranged with each new wave   castaways upon the shore    wanton no more

June 15, 2016


Medicine for a Broken Heart

take two            call me in the morning                        is there medicine that will cure

that will heal a broken heart                            perhaps a splint will do

tears drizzle down your cheeks                                is it pain from sorrow and lost

does the heart still beat                         with stethoscope pressed to your chest

hear nothing          all is quiet                            the weeping stopped for one second

the heart rots                     gone to seed                      stands lonely in the fields

your wandering            leaves a trail                       you tunnel back to place of safety

the tears return like diamonds                  at the corners of your eyes

like waves on the shore                                       emptiness returns swiftly

you are a saint              heaven watches                    there is no medicine to offer

they beckon to you                from a peak on high              it is as it should be

where two roads diverge in a yellow wood” so Robert Frost tells us

it is at this point                              we will be separated from the one we love

June 26, 2016