Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 27, 2016 dVerse/Arrangements


what we have is an arrangement      nothing formal            no ceremony

one day i hung an iron heart              over the bedroom door           it seemed enough      

my love is strong                                my word is true          it was enough

you have been my lover since    we travel the road together            no promises

none needed                                       what is it called          perhaps there is no word

that identifies true love                      or maybe                     it is simply an arrangement

September 27, 2016



  1. For some reason, this made me think of how the horseshoe is supposed to be hung with the curve at the bottom...otherwise all the luck supposedly runs out. Sometimes perhaps it goes the same with hearts...we must turn ourselves upside down to truly find that "true love." I love where this went, Annell, and where it took me.

  2. Maybe there is no word that defines an arrangement of true love... maybe it just is.

  3. And that is it...whether formal or informal. True love is true love and all the arrangement that is needed. Lovely.

  4. A very nice, and personal take on the idea of "arrangements."

  5. That is the best kind of arrangement of all - true love.

  6. Ha, a rebellious anti-arrangement poem at last!

  7. Yes, maybe love only needs to be arranged within our hearts. Really enjoyed this poem and the views expressed resonate with me.

  8. Lovely and thought provoking piece on different types of relationships and how we perceive them.