Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Sunday Whirl #266/ Sunday's Whirigig/ Poets United/ Last Year and Before

Last Year and Before

with steely determination        i clutched            the offering in my hand

the sound of the gong             set the spell        entered the dark and shadowy temple

leaving the sun shiny morning outside      all was quiet inside          no singing

i had no concept            dropped the coins into the basket            made my selection

tied with a hand-dyed indigo thread into a small bundle      the tiny golden budha sparkled

by the light of the fire          in words i did not know                     it read

moon over heart                  standing together                       you explained

even when the sun isn't shining            there will always be light even if not very bright

therefore – moon over heart       enough light you will always be able to find your way


spring is gone                  summer too                        the weather has changed

fall is in the air                 a holiday                                   a celebration

NY largest city                center of the art world         an ambush waiting

a murderous tone           deplorable behavior                your guise deceptive

a champion of disrespect                          a real badass

try as i might              there was no understanding              a tragedy of sorts

today someone else                         determined to smite someone

a pressure-cooker bomb           29 injured                            no deaths.....yet


on my stretch of beach          no dolphins                      instead porpoise play

(small grey or white whales) i used to watch them dive from my kitchen window

high above the canal          they would rise out of the water slowly and breathe

dive and swim quickly       to catch the small fish         they called breakfast

life was filled with              do-funnies and whimsies          we were unaware

of the storm on the horizon         no flags flew                     no warning

just like a bomb                  just as sudden                      yet no explosion heard

on that autumn day             the sun was shining                   the air cool

September 18, 2016


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I enjoyed all of these, Annell, especially the first one, with the small Buddha, the words "moon over heart". Sigh. So lovely. I also can see you looking out your kitchen window, down over the bay................we live so many different chapters in this life.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Beautifully expressed 💖

Jae Rose said...

So much woven into this wonderful triptych..each meaningful and carefully absorbed and given back to the world. The image of the pressure cooker was in turns sad and horrifying - that something so apparently simple and everyday can cause such destruction.. unexpected explosions that seem to come into our world with each passing year

brudberg said...

I do love porpoises just as much as dolphin's... have been kayaking among them once... an experience I will never forget.

Anonymous said...

Three vividly sketched but differing pieces though with two explosive in content. Nice work.

Mary said...

Excellent collection. I don't know where to start with commenting really, as you have so many complex ideas in each one!

Old Egg said...

These three sad poems of history are really touching as events in the past have affected ours and other peoples lives over the years. Very thought provoking Annell.

Sumana Roy said...

May be your no. 1 is the answer to your implicit questions in the other well the images in all three of them...