Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November 15, 2016 Writer's Digest November PAD Challenge/We Sip Our Tea

We Sip Our Tea

i reside in a world of nature      the super moon invades my bedroom     lights my dreams

in the morning    the sky the softest shades of pink and blue    the mountain a rich dark blue

everything is silent        even the church bells are silent                        the day begins

rulers of the night                      on silent footsteps                                 retreat to sleep

the wind lays down to sleep        the sun rises              the dried grasses greet the new day

all seems to be waiting       it is the pause in the symphony of life           we sip our tea

i recently visited in a world that isn't so      an urban experience           all quiet unnatural

lunch on the 36th floor              see the city from above               as if i were a hawk or a bat

gliding through the air         catching bugs high above the trees             driving in cars 

racing the freeways                   walk on concert                                      park on asphalt

houses all crammed next to each other       lights blink off and on           all night long

the silence has escaped          it is a world of “fast noise”                          bright lights

the stars have disappeared         faces unfamiliar                                      we sip our tea

November 15, 2016

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