Sunday, December 4, 2016

December 4 2016 Sunday's Whirligig -- Poets United Poets Pantry/To Die

To Die

to die      it's just a matter of time             be it then or now

be it autumn        when the leaves fall from the trees      bare limbs remain

your favorite time of year     ...or some other exceptional time      your leaving

will be a loss        i will suffer                   and there will be longing

i have walked this path before        not to say              i know it all

i do not                  only my own experience                it is hard

there is no outline       no instructions                           no map

you will be languid        there will be hints                   but no escape

no way back                   the road only goes forward        there will be no more

it is the last thing we do       no one knows what comes after          only silence

December 4, 2016                 


  1. The only thing certain is that it will come... death can come whenever we least expect it or as a long-awaited friend... no one knows.

  2. "the road only goes forward" very true...

  3. "The road only goes forward", whether we like the direction or not. Thankfully the journey keeps us preoccupied while we travel.

  4. How true – and beautifully expressed.

  5. Indeed if one has walked the journey once, one recognizes the journey easier the next time...and yes, it is a one-way journey, one each of us takes at some time!

  6. This is well written, as usual, but now, I want to shake the writer into the pleasantry of the pattern before them, (abstract as it looks).

  7. It is not what comes after that is so important but how we live out lives now. But I will have to think about tidying up my untidy mess a bit rather than leave it to others.

  8. Wow! This feels so personal to this reader. Yes, the road is only forward and we don't know until that moment comes.


  9. I am unsure if that silence will be peaceful.. perhaps that we don't know is a good thing.. your poem conveys a knowing.. and a wonderful sense of you - i wish the world was not so painful..

  10. I can resonate very strongly with the emotions portrayed in your poem.. this one touched my heart!

  11. I like how you mix together the surety of death with the loss and suffering--also routine--but we cannot help but pause--sometimes quite a lot--and then there is the mystery. Yes.