Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 8, 2017 The Sunday Whirl Wordle #281/ A Cold in Winter

A Cold in Winter

feeling slightly feeble this morning       truth is                 i may not be well

i did not leap from bed but am shuffling along at a slower pace    climbed 

                                                                                                         from my bed

like a very old woman         the deal may be sealed           perhaps a cold

stuffy nose                           a cough                                   a bit of a headache

or maybe                     just a slowing down of sorts            nowhere to flee

if i have picked up a bug      a single predator                     or a whole host of them

sound the sirens             i will have to pay the price            no way to cheat

take two aspirins                  drink fluids                              go back to bed

get plenty of rest           lean against the wall                       just to stay upright

take a shower         hot water on my skin my revive me      and a little preening

might help                       to face the day                              to scare the cold away

January 8, 2017


Hélène Vaillant said...

Good use of the words, great write...hope you get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Vitamin C might set it running for the hills. Hoping this is just a tale you made up, if not I shall pray for you,


Old Egg said...

We are always so comfortable and sure in our lives until we realize our weaknesses.

ayala said...

I hope you get better soon!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Annell, give in to it, do not try to soldier on....lie down under warm blankets, drink fluids, rest and get better. Seriously. There are terrible germs out there, and we are vulnerable. Watch tv and sleep..........for as long as it takes...........I am thinking of you.

Jae Rose said...

Long may you keep the cold away - love and hugs and keep well wishes to you Annell xo