Thursday, February 23, 2017

February 23, 2017 deVerse Open Link/Frozen


do not ask me to remember       as if I could forget...       a morning in december

mom said you had gone away      or that morning in september    the phone rang

no one there                              rang again                       at last you spoke

to share the news                      how often has it happened      the phone rang

your world collapsed                born again into another world      seconds passed

i was with you                           on that morning        you took three short breaths

and went away                           i remained                                    empty

in the silence afterwards       nothing left to say          the phone rang again           

you said he had gone away          still a boy                           the kindest soul

i heard your voice                   i knew                           before you spoke a word

the phone rang on another night     you said    he was dead now accidental overdose

a boy in pain                          trying to find his way           or the morning in june

arrived at the hospital            to find you had gone       no do not ask me to remember

what is impossible to forget       all the endings                        i remember

just another second                on the face of the clock               tick, tick, tick

an avalanche                              an earthquake                   the last beat of a heart

i the cadaver                              frozen                                the pain has ceased

February 23, 2017


Paul Dear said...

Profoundly moving thoughts you are thinking there Annell.

indybev said...

The pain of loss upon loss is well couched in your words. Let there be solace and hope!

Grace Guevara said...
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Grace said...

These memories are forever etched within us ~ The consolation would be that the pain has ceased, but for us, the living, we carry on ~

Sherry Blue Sky said...

So many profound losses, Annell. It is a wonder we stay standing and putting one foot in front of the other. Your poem expresses the loss, the pain, the searing memories so well.

Frank Hubeny said...

Good description of the moment of loss: "i remained empty

in the silence afterwards"