Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 26, 2017 Poets United Midweek Motif/GRAINS OF SAND


the morning silent                    not a breath of air        snow still on the ground

it is spring                                and in spring                you can expect

the unexpected                         you enter the room       traces of mud still on your boots

a bright feather in your cap      your pockets full          you hum a pleasing tune

familiar                                                and yet reminds me      of a distant land

far pavilions                             mountains rise                     plains spread to the horizon

you acknowledge me                kiss my lips                  and begin your story

where you have been               what you have seen      gains of pink sand between your fingers

April 26, 2017




  1. Nice. I like the serenity here and the implied love of the two.
    (Really? There's still snow in Taos?)

  2. I enjoy how we can travel so far in time and space on suggestions from a presence, from a surprise. Does it matter if we have been there before or if it seems an entirely new fantasy? I'm suspecting you have a little spring fever.

  3. Lovely, Annell. 'where have you been, what have you seen' - this line really captured me.

  4. This is lovely, a happy man, full of the pink sand between his fingers.

  5. Oh I love this! Especially; "you acknowledge me, kiss my lips and begin your story where you have been, what you have seen, gains of pink sand between your fingers" left me absolutely breathless!

  6. "where you have been what you have seen ..." the loving tone in these lines brings to mind an image of a lover long waiting for the speaker to come home. Joyful!

    1. Really like this Annell, especially the delicacy of an intimacy shared, and the pink grains of sand still on fingers.


  7. You sparked my interest at the line of telling. Now I too want to know

    Much love...

  8. This is lovely, Annell. And I like your graphic formatting. A very compelling style.