Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Finding A Sanctuary


what is a sanctuary after all       is my idea of sanctuary             the same as yours’       

harbor of refuge                       a port in a storm                       will you walk with me         

in a quiet mountain meadow                a field of wildflowers               a quiet room                           

the idea of quietude                 gives way to music                   soft and low


or bells                         tinkling on a cold morning                   a hiding place              

unseen by intruding eyes          last light of day             just beginning to get dark                    

a blanket to curl up in              a safe place to be alone            public or private

a cave                                      home                           a temple by any other name

in memory i return                   a sunny day                              in los angles                           

i had taken the bus                   downtown                                got off 

uncertain where I was              walking down the sidewalk      a temple appeared                               

the sound of the gong               reassured me                            a sanctuary found

July 23, 2017                                                                                                              


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Ah, I loved all of the images in this poem.......especially the temple with its bell!

Jae Rose said...

Some buildings call to us and offer sanctuary - how wonderful to find one

Julian said...

I think you've covered about everything in your poem with it's fine imagery painted with your words. I certainly enjoyed reading this.

Mary said...

Ah, that temple with its gong -- indeed a safe place, a sanctuary! You have captured the idea of sanctuary, Annell.

Sarah Russell said...

"...bells tinkling on a cold morning...". A wonderful image.

Marja said...

Oh I feel quite cozy now reading your beautiful poem. All great descriptions of what sanctuary is.

Susan said...

Oh! First you set it up, and then give us the example. May sanctuary always appear exactly when you need it. I'll take that possibility of a temple with me. Beautiful.

Sumana Roy said...

Love all the images of sanctuary here. And the joy of finding one after uncertainties. Beautiful.

indybev said...

Beautiful words depicting the many faces of sanctuary. Great write!

Sok Sareth said...

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