Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Independent -- Poets United/Midweek Motif


she calls out from her hiding place       hard to make out her words
                                                                    but the message is clear

she is on her own        follows her own path               makes up her 
                                                                                    own mind          

one foot in front of the other               doesn’t ask for directions
                                                                                   some say

she is independent        scribbles her messages on scraps of paper
                                                                       left for others to find

sometimes she writes in code                and laughs out loud      some
                                                                        days she is a cowgirl

rides the range                          and some days she is a buckerette
                                                                        on the rodeo circuit

seated on the wildest bronc       some say about her                 she is
                                                                      an unbroken mustang                

“the best-lookin' ones    aren't worth throwing a saddle on” 
                                                                      other days                   

she tags along the road            barefoot without a destination 
                                                                        she sits in the shade    

and pens her script                  no one knows for sure               not
                                                                                  even her name

July 5, 2017    

Note:  From the online dictionary under “bronc,” -- “the best-lookin’ ones aren’t worth throwing a saddle on.”  I’m not sure what it means, but I like it. 




Blogoratti said...

I like this, its a lovely theme about being independent enough to take on the world, risk it all for adventure. I hope you are well, thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

I'm reading this as such fine allegory! We are animals, though we build our own traps at times. I don't know any other animals who write, though I feel we all "read" each other constantly, especially when in natural environments. And wouldn't it be wonderful if society never tried to bridle ANY women, good looking or not?

indybev said...

"An unbroken mustang" ... riding for a fall perchance.

Sherry Marr said...

That quote made me does the image of her either riding the range or walking barefoot along the road, writing scraps of poetry on bits of paper. Cool.

Mary said...

Truly I have great admiration for the mustang. After reading this poem, even more so.

Old Egg said...

Perhaps some broncos like poets want to do it there way and not be tamed to follow the rules.

Old Egg said...

Oops "there" should be "their".

Marja said...

what a great independent woman you have poetically set on paper. Love it

Sumana Roy said...

She is a free spirit...very much admirable.

Anonymous said...

This just about made me cry, because it might as well be about me --- but it's all a lie, all the characters. It's how I cope, float, keep my head above slaughter. I can't breathe when I'm myself. You wouldn't believe the soul massacre that takes place in the silence between names/identities ... the way I scramble when I know one self is done but the next hasn't emerged yet. It's terrifying to be real, even for a day. I try hard to forget my name; that's how I convince myself that nothing sad I've ever felt has been real.

I love your poem, in other words.

Khaya Ronkainen said...

An admirable independent woman!

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