Monday, September 25, 2017

Memories of Years Past/ dVerse

Memories of Years Past

autumn is the spiciest season of the year     crispy apples   filled with sugar and spice

baked in the oven                   fill the house               cookies of every shape

spice from the east                ground fresh               cinnamon

cardamom                              nutmeg                       memories of other years past  

September 25, 2017          


Sunday, September 24, 2017

BECAUSE OF US / The Sunday Whirl & Poets United

Because of Us

the earth quakes and shakes              is it in response to our own quaking and shaking

our faux leader                       of orange hair             scraped from the bottom of the barrel

has severed our hopes            caused us to lock our doors                in fear            

because of us                          or our actions              the earth has responded

terrible storms                        people say                   they have never seen anything like it

the earth shrugged                 in Mexico                    hundreds killed

chained to our fate     we cannot chase our fears away       too late for rebellion

nothing to be done                 except to take pen in hand     and brace ourselves

for what will be written         we reached the crossroads                years ago

we could have taken another course             we didn’t         we live now with our choice

September 24, 2017                          


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

WHAT MAKES THE SKY SEEM SO BLUE? dVerse/ The answer is 42


What makes the sky seem so blue?

Why do gray days make me feel blue?

Why do I feel so blue when I think of you?

Why are some days so windy?  And other days as still as a rabbit in hiding?

Why do the hands on the clock always move in the same direction?  And there is never enough time.

There are questions and there are questions.  There is no end to questions.  We don’t always have the answer.  Still we continue to seek.

To ask or demand answers to questions, does not a conversation make.  If we are patient the answer will appear, if not go to the library.

September 20, 2017