Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I AM YOU... Writer's Digest


i am…..                       what am i                     who am i

i am a woman              i have traveled far        the journey has been mixed

happiness and sadness              loving and leaving        empty and full

i hear the echo of my footsteps there is no other sound  i walk to the end of the hall

shrouded in fear                       i ask                             can i do this

my mother appears       she answers my question          she walks beside me    

though she died four years before        i am aware       she showed me how                

she prepared me           i hold the ancient sheets           yellow with age           

i recognize her careful handwriting      penned are the words         unsaid


i open the door to your empty room     the silence explodes my head               i want to run   

there is no escape         it is who i am               i stand silently beside your bed            

volumes spoken in my head     each line begins and ends with love      you are no longer there

still i feel you know my heart               and you said as much               when you touched my heart

and touched your own             you said, you are me                            i am you

September 6, 2017


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