Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Memories -- Poets United /midweek motif


i am not sure where memories reside                but i do know              they can appear at any time

they can appear and reappear               unexpected                  without summon         

they seem to hang around         waiting for you to let down your guard             they are vigilant

never miss an opportunity                    lay traps                       stay up all night

and just when you think           you have folded them carefully                        put them away

they reappear again                  an old song                              a rosy sunset

the feel of the cold mountain air on your face              rain on the street          a sea gull’s call

they seem to be hiding everywhere       i open the back door    half hoping you will be standing there

the phone rings            your face flashes before me                  old memories

not fit for proper company       but still a part of me                 how have i become a memory, too

when i am still here                  i awake each morning              surprised

i slip my hand between the covers        you are no longer here             just a memory

September 6, 2017




Susan said...

How strong and beautiful, these memories ready to pounce. I love that moment when memory slides into reality: " i open the back door half hoping you will be standing there" How surprising in the morning when "you are no longer here."

indybev said...

A lovely write! How fortunate we are to have those random memories. Sadly, I watched my mother lose all her memories until she lived in a bewildering world of strangers. Losing one's self captured in memories is heart-rending.

Sherry Marr said...

So beautiful, Annell.........waking each morning surprised is very apt.

Marja said...

So beautiful You captured memories so well and how sad that some are only memories but is is also a bond created between the past and the present.

Mary said...

Somehow I think we were thinking along the same lines. Your words are more eloquent than mine, but.... Those memories do reappear again,don't they? For better or for worse - sad as well as happy - we can be thankful for them - or not!

Jae Rose said...

Such a tender lament - I could feel the ache of thought and loss

Mish said...

I loved this. It made me think about the power of memories and how they hold our hearts captive sometimes.

Sumana Roy said...

I like how you attach playfulness, mischief and pleasant beauties to memory, almost personified and end the poem it becoming a person, a loved one who is no longer here.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Words aren't enough to describe just how beautiful and touching this poem is, Annell.

Shadow said...

No-one could have said it better.... we are are indeed intertwined into everything out there, linked...

kaykuala said...

we have decided
the answers can’t be found
we look to the stars
they twinkle back

Memories will be rekindled back even if one thinks they are lost. Maybe for some while but not totally!