Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Traces of a Traveler --dVerse/Magic

Traces of a Traveler

with each step              foot prints trail behind             over my shoulder

i can see                       where i have been                    dark on light

prints in sand               highlighted by shadow              like marks on paper    

music scored on the desert floor           harmony of shapes       repeated


forms a new song         prints cross traces of other prints          a bird              

a lizard                         prints of a snake                       a graceful line

finely drawn     all form a new composition      careful attention to direction  

prints evenly spaced…             or not                           rhythm implied

tell a story                    like pressing keys on the piano             one follows another

a symphony is born                  following the path        each footprint has a sound of its own     

the wind blows             erasing the prints                      a clean slate created                 

soon a new song           will be written                          traces of an unseen traveler     

leaving only footprints             a letter home                a new day magically appears



brudberg said...

This reminds me of the so called songlines that the aboriginals of Australia is said to use to memorize paths across the desert.

Paul John Dear said...

Poetic jazz tripping the light fantastic...full of magic.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the music scored on the desert floor and the various footprints and paths left by the critters.

Alison H said...

harmony of shapes repeated forms a new song-
I like this very much it has its own magic.

Kathleen Everett said...

each footprint has a sound of its own - your magic is conjured up with each line - beautiful!

Frank Hubeny said...

It does seem magical that we have a day at all.

Samyuktha Jayaprakash said...

A very melodious desert piano!

Sarah Russell said...

"...each footprint has a sound of its own...". I just love this image, Annell.

Jane Dougherty said...

Just lovely.

Toni Spencer said...

And yet another post that brings Japan to mind....tell a story      like pressing a key on the piano following the path each footprint has a sound of its own. how lovely this entire poem is. The thing that came to mind was chinmouko - silence or the silence between the notes. A most magical place to be.    

indybev said...

Having just lost another dear friend, your beautiful words remind me of the fact that our prints are erased all too soon, a clean sheet appears, and a new day dawns.

De said...

Love this, especially:
"tell a story like pressing a key on the piano"

Truedessa said...

I enjoyed the trail of your words, the footprints are what we leave behind our mark in the journey.

Martin Kloess said...

Wonderful thought. The everlasting music of footprints which we all contribute to the magic of existence.

Kim Russell said...

I like way your poem steps in light words across my screen, Annell, and the different types of prints that are left behind, especially:
'music scored on the desert floor';
'like pressing a key on the piano...
each footprint has a sound of its own';
'traces of a traveler
a letter home'.

Vandana Sharma said...

If we look for magic n everyday life,then life will be a bit easy. Lovely poem.