Friday, November 17, 2017

2017 November Chapbook Challenge: Day 17 / What I Meant to Say

What I Meant to Say

you didn’t let me finish what t meant to say                  was left unsaid            

further discussion                     impossible                                since words are only words

and we could not agree            on their meanings                     your words                  

 like getting “it” off your chest              emptying the dust bin               snaps and snails

fell from your lips                    like the tar baby                       i said nothing

you spoke a foreign language   of a world i did not know       someone had fallen from the train

like humpty dumpty                 the world that was                    could not be put together again 
there was no end                      to your grievances                    you dug up things        

from the cemetery of life          you kept digging                       all the way to china     

words i did not recognize         your words a surprise to me     i miss you most of all

November 17, 2017


What I Meant to Say II

it is said                        this winter will be warmer and dry       no rain to speak of

no snow                       to delight                      perhaps it will be

better for the animals   burr                             not too cold                            

still cold enough for a shiver    hard to find      like bear                      

will words                    hibernate                      have they        

migrated south             the morning quiet         i will miss                                

the silence of the snow             pull books from the shelf         with my finger             

find the words              wake them                   ask them out to play                

try to find the words     that say             what i meant to say

November 17, 2017                            

Thursday, November 16, 2017

dVerse Open Link/I Brush Crumbs From My Coat

I Brush Crumbs From My Coat

i brush yesterday’s crumbs from my coat       in my thoughts you appear        
                                                                                                         big as life

i wonder                                 how are you                            what fills your day

my thoughts scatter                  like pens in a bowling alley                  
                                                                                           reset/come together                

reorganized into new thoughts             over the mountains         smoke 

the sun shines brightly               shadows point west          the sky a lovely 
                                                                                             ordinary blue

new mexico blue             a blue not seen in other places            there is a glare               

as is often seen in new mexico            many artists speak of the “light” which is

you would expect it so                       in the land of enchantment     does that 
                                                                                              mean fairies and elves

today is a celebration                the day of your birth                and the day of 

a word with many meanings       it will be up to you                   to fill in the 

the days                         like the minutes of the clock               one follows 

seemingly without reason           we judge a day good                 wish it could 
                                                                                                last forever

we dig our heels in          swear we will go no further                 but each day 

darkness falls                  the stars appear to sparkle the night away      the next 
                                                                                                day follows

it will not be the same               unique in its way of being a day  i brush 
                                                                                       crumbs from my coat   

November 15, 2017