Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday February 25, 2011/A Small Stone/ Poets United

wo-man (stellar-symmetry)

timeless tapestries
skirting separate same
stellar -super- strung
moves with belly
blessed the sun rises
face to meet face
mirroring all colors of my tapestry
twirling spinning flawless symmetry
delight ( ing ) cosmos
celestial gods

copyrighted 2011

Barbara MacKenzie signed...bkm, has posted the most wonderful poem in response to Awakening Beneath the Yoke. Thank you so much!

Image from the internet.

Stones are often
About the size
Of a lemon
And fit perfectly
In the palm of
Your hand.

Poets United Prompt #Lemons

The Color of Lemons
As a child
My favorite color
Was purple
Skin of a juicy plum

And now, it is yellow
Like the sun
Radiating warmth
A favorite of Van Gogh

Two colors opposite
On the color wheel

Mixed together evenly
A lovely grey
The under side of a dove's wing
Mix yellow with a little more purple
The low sound of a tug-boat's
Horn on a foggy night

Mix purple with a little more yellow
Early morning in winter
Or autumn's late afternoon
Following the sounds
Of migrants headed south

Yellow is the only color
That is always warm
Like the body offering
Warmth under the shirt
All other colors
Like ourselves
Depend for warmth or cold
Where they are placed
Next to another

Van Gogh creates an area of yellow
Then an area of blue-purple
And black plus blue
Blobs of paint= black birds
Fly across a magic yellow sky
Above sea of grain
We see his paint
We stop
An imprint is made
Upon our brain
Never to be forgotten

This theory of color sounds so easy
But the study of color
And it's use
Is a lifetime journey
An exploration
As exciting as an uncharted continent
As you explore the use of color
You will meet yourself
A self you did not know
For artists are those who do not know
If he "knows"
He will no longer make discoveries
When he surprises himself
He will also surprise his viewer

And that is art
Which is not to meet a
Familiar friend
But it is to meet the
Friendly or not

It is to find the yellow
The exact yellow
The color of lemons
Lemons in sunlight
Lemons in shadow
All the many
Colors of yellow
All the yellow colors
Of Lemons


signed...bkm said...

Great post on took us into an artist journey through yellow and that is something knew to me....all the different aspects of one color...nice stone to carry...bkm

Sherry Blue Sky said...

As a rock-lover, I really like your stone this morning, Annell. And the poem about yellow is definitely written by an artist in love with color and paint........very lovely. Wonderful images, like the underside of a dove's wing........beautiful writing!

flaubert said...

I love the lemon poem, Annell. What a lovely
journey with your words.


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

I enjoyed reading your words about lemon. An uplifting piece of writing.

Best wishes, Eileen