Saturday, September 30, 2017

Fiestas, Carnivals, Celebrations/ Sunday's Whirligig -- Can We Meet in The Middle?/ The Sunday Whirl --Poets United Poetry Pantry

Fiestas, Carnivals, Celebrations  

the sound of drums                  wafting across the sage             comforting to know

traditions continue                   often with rattles                      and dancing

ancient old                               original meaning                      unknown to me

perhaps a prayer                       gratitude for being                    and for all other beings

that share a space in the garden            easy to imagine             an ancient world

where sacred secrets were allowed        honored                       and never shared

the drummers hold sticks         handed down                           for generations

the parrot repeats                     what he hears               like the silver-tongued devil

seen at the carnival                   thunder in the mountains         the old man clears his throat

punch and judy                        play their parts             we have seen it before/still each time unique

September 30, 2017   Sunday's Whirligig 

Can We Meet in The Middle?

the words are served mixed up             a mulligan stew            we take sides

argue until the sun sets in the west        gasping to catch our breath       we tilt at windmills

where to begin                         how to see the other side          another point of view

we feed our own positions                   our inability to disagree gracefully        is a crime

perhaps it is an art form           in which we are not trained      we argue

we deliver our own point of view        we sing our opinions    at the top of our voices

we injure those on the other side          murder is not too great a crime     we will not listen         

we feed on our own positions              perhaps we could meet in the middle   find meeting ground

October 1, 2017   The Sunday Whirl

Note:  I had just read Maria's Sunday Paper, scroll down, News and Views Above the Noise.  1.  A View for your dining table conversation.  It is about how we have lost the art of disagreement.         



Friday, September 29, 2017



sleep a precious commodity     there have been times               when sleep eludes me

i lie awake for hours                reliving days passed                  what he said/she said

would’a, could’a, should’a       thoughts chase dreams away                 vivid pictures reOccur

plain as day                              i know i need the rest               and no matter how determined

sleep is alWays a step away       it seems thIs happens when life is out of balance/ or i am

worry seems to play a pArt       and who needs it                      life will be whAt it is

and no amount of worry will change things      i find mySelf going over yesterday’s grocery list

or all thAt is to be dOne the following day       whAt is needed is a small box to keep it all

perhaps a list would help          mayBe in the quiet hOurs         forgiveness is the answer

forgiveness of mySelf and others         a cup of warm milk      turn off the light

September 29, 2017    


Taking time off.....

I am taking some time off from posting on my blog.  I am studying, practicing, have so much to learn....