Hello. Welcome to Haibun Monday. This is Frank Hubeny and the Haibun theme is silent sounds. These are all those thoughts and chatter that go through our minds which seem like words that have a sound, but do not require ears to hear them.
Sometimes they are prayers or mantras one recites often enough to not really be aware one is doing so. Sometimes they are concerns or things people have said that keep coming back to mind.
Sometimes I wish I could get these things out of my mind, but they don’t cooperate. Sometimes they are the source of inspiration and I want them to be right where they are.
Sometimes these silent sounds offer good advice about what I should or shouldn’t do. Often I realize it was good advice only after I don’t take it, but getting such advice at all makes me wonder where it comes from?
Anyway, the theme for this Haibun Monday is anything to do with this internal chatter, what I call silent sounds, used however you are motivated to use it.  The form to use is a haibun--prose that contains somewhere within it a haiku.