Monday, May 7, 2018


Without explanation
I muddle my way in
And back out again
Sometimes it is not clear
Exactly where the beginning is
And sometimes I am lost
In the muddle
But like my old horse
There is never a question
Coming home to the barn

May 7, 2018



Each day is a new lesson
A new experience
There isn’t enough time
To learn it all

I mix colors each day
Choosing the first one
And then asking 
What will be next
What goes with what

Colors are rarely seen alone
They hang out in groups
With friends and family
When I work with color
It is all about relationships

What is judged warm
And what is judged cool
What is light
And what is dark
What is bright
And what is dull

I stand on the edge
And focus on the horizon
That place in between
The separation of land & sky
I cover my ears
For everything appears grey

May 7, 2018


De said...

Love that title, Annell, and the way your words spill. Wonderful.

Frank Hubeny said...

No muddle about coming home. I like that ending.

Whippet Wisdom said...

I love the image of your old horse coming home to the barn without any question :o)

Maria L. Berg said...

The reference to a horse coming home to the barn really ties everything together. said...

ooooh it is soooo true! Whenever we travel, we love seeing new places....but always, always, we love heading home! And for anyone who's ridden horses, that is so so true! :) Great post to the prompt!

Frank J. Tassone said...

Lovely. Simply lovely!

kaykuala said...

That place in between
The separation of land & sky
I cover my ears
For everything appears grey

Yes, annell, one should not be too bothered by things not of our concern!


Kathy Reed said...

Wisdom in this for sure!

Kim Russell said...

That's just how coming home feels to me - I get in such a state finding my way anywhere and coming home is always a relief! You've expressed it so well, Annell.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

When you come home, you know it. Your bones rejoice. Your soul sighs in contentment. Your eyes light up with wonder. You are home.

Vivian Zems said...

Even in the muddle...home is never missed. Like this.

Cedar Wind said...

Nothing like the certainty of a horse to sort out a directional muddle! I enjoyed your wordplay.

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