Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 31, 2013 Sunday Whirl #124


In the stillness of early morning
Drink my coffee from my inky mug
Yesterday is gone 
Now forgotten

Thoughts and ideas that spring forth
Are real for just a moment
Such possibilities...
Much is now lost

Today will be the same...
The possibilities of sparks
Will fly again
Like new shoots in the garden
New feathery babies in the nest

The scarlet work was finished at last
After close inspection
And careful consideration
It will NOT be added to the collection
Loaded as it is with beautiful
Small visual pieces
It does not work as a whole
There is nothing to be done
But to bury it deep

My skills are well oiled
From years of practice
I dip my magic brush
Into the wet hole
Of inspiration
As I begin
This new day
In stillness 
I sway

Begin again
Fresh start
New promise
Without doubt

Note:  I have been working on a piece for two weeks now, at least eight hours a day...
I am writing this to remind myself that not every piece I start will grow up to be a "successful citizen of the world of art."  And in each piece there were lessons I needed to learn and hopefully I will take these to the next piece.  As in life, there are lessons, and the universe does not care if you learn them, for they will come around again, you will get another chance.

Prompt: inky, wet, close, hole, sparks, feathery
shoots, scarlet, doubt, sway, oiled, lost

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday August 25, 2013 DVerse

Prompt: DVERSE:  Painting by Judith Clay

You Can Fly, Mary! by Judith Clay

For Goodness Sake
Given a gift
With letters
Of the alphabet
No idea
It could fly
Or that
It could fly me


Over town
And all around
Up in the air
With birds with
Folded paper wings


After all
The view is much
Better from here

Sunday August 25, 2015 Poets Pantry #164

POETS UNITED: Poets Pantry #164

Rain Threatens Taos Mountain

Forgotten Rain
The morning is
And still
A green lizard

Unusual for
Desert dweller
This year
Has brought
Monsoon rains
In abundance
The morning air

Each afternoon
Rains come
Lighting flashes
By morning
Rains have
Soaked into
Thirsty land
Sun rises
Hot desert day

Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 24, 2013 Sunday Whirl


fierce, filters, keep, enough, pieces, train,
cries, gusting, bitter, springs, south, out

The Time I was Sick

You probably heard my fierce cries
The last few days
I have sadly been under the weather
Down as if I had been hit by a train
Heading south 
Leaving behind only the mournful whistle
Echoing across the plane
Winds gusting 
Churning up dust devils
The taste of bitter springs in my mouth
I spit it out
Keep only enough to wet my own whistle
If only the filter could keep out
All that would harm

As humans 
We are such vulnerable creatures

Note:  Images from the internet.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21, 2013 Poets United/Verse First

Poets United/Verse First  Prompt:  I Cried Out

Fragments G&C #155 30"x30"  gouache on w/c paper

I Cried Out

I am alone
Regularly touching my eyes
Yesterday I cried aloud
I gathered the tears in a bucket
Drained my heart
Ordinarily I hold my breath
Under threat of losing control
Today I gave up
 I cried out

Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 17, 2013 Sunday Whirl #122

Dream of Death

Heaped upon the floor
Heart barely beating
Dreamed I died
After years of living
All is quiet

Like time in the 
Canyon land
Breezes through
The pines

The period
Of no sound at all
Or the sound 
Can be measured
Only by degrees
Nestled into space

The length 
Of the run is short
You must be persuaded
To stay in the race
Perfect the vision
A tribute
To the time lived

Note:  Prompt 

floor, heart, stay, dreamed, persuaded, period, degrees,

years, space, nestled, if, vision, tribute

Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 11, 2013 Sunday Whirl #121 Life's Mystery

wallow, circle, illuminate, scatter, striking, race
concrete, hitch, incentive, strain, pounding, stark

Life's Mystery

I sit alone in the dark
The image illuminates
Before me
A loud crash
I quickly turn around
I see nothing out of order
How can that be

With pounding heart
I fly to you
Circle mesas
And fields
Race across oceans
And like a butterfly
Touch down
Near you
Put away my wings

The morning sky
Still dark
I blow
On your ear
Let you know
I am here
Life is full of mystery

I go
To the written word
Draw pictures in the sand
Slip below the waves
All is stark naked
The sun dries
The salt water
Sand crusts
On skin

A picnic for
The walrus
And the carpenter
Come close
Let me whisper
To you
The answer is obvious
The incentive clear
Explains nothing
For a mystery has
No answer
For if one is found
The mystery disappears

Note:  Today there are more words than I can use?  But enjoyed working with some of them.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

August 4, 2013 Sunday Whirl #120 and Poets United Poetry Pantry #161

Fragments C&G #144  30"x30"  gouache on w/c paper


I enter the studio 
Each morning
Face the gravity 
Of the plans made
I find the end 
Of the thread
I left 
To find my way

The painting may
Look Non-objective
The viewer
May not be able
 To make sense
Of what he sees
Cannot guess
What the artist
Was thinking

But you can be sure
This artist
Was thinking 
About something
It could be
Or... breath
Or... salt
Or... shoes  
Or... bread

Even a shadow 
On the wall
Sends me ideas
Like Franz Kline
With his
Black strokes
It all makes sense
In my head

Note:  The visual language allows the artist to abstract an idea.  The artist can  seek the essence.  He is able to push, to pull, to stretch and reshape a thing, or an idea.  It will conform to the artist's needs.  Through the use of color and abstraction the artist is allowed to thrill us with his inventive use of the visual language.


gravity, plans, thread, landscape, salt, breath,

shadow, shoes, bread, sense, sends, head

Poets United Poetry Pantry #161

Nothing to Say
Caught in between
Tug and pull
With large chain
The words
Can't come out to play
And yet
I dream
Dream of you
Nothing to say
Cage opens
Words tumble out
The heart beats once more

Note:  Perhaps this is a wee writer's block?  In the month of August.


  Mother   mother, a simple word just six letters   “m” is for mine, meadow, meow all the wonders of the world wild meadow orchids including...