Thursday, September 20, 2018

Saudade in Autumn/imaginary gardens with real toads

Saudade in Autumn

The morning brought rain
Rain running down 
The window panes in rivulets
Like tears down your cheeks
Water, water everywhere…

Immediately I step in Saudade
All over my wellies
My coat
Saudade everywhere

It is autumn
Usually my favorite season
Time passes so quickly now
I look ahead

Make plans
It seems there is plenty of time
And suddenly the “now,” is behind me
I am filled with Saudade

The chasm between us widens
The day of your leaving
Seems like yesterday
Slowly, without my knowing
It has become light years ago

Careening through space
Stars up close
The clothes line hung
With memories of days past

It is a “cold case”
Little evidence to go on 
Though blurred the details remain
I find you in the deepest parts of my being

September 20, 2018

Fireblossom Friday : Say The Word

English is a funny language. A lot of it came from other languages, and some of those words retain their foreign sound. Some remain foreign and not strictly English at all, but are used much in the manner of "Voila!" Moreover, some of them roll off the tongue very poetically, it seems to me. Even without knowing what they mean, they just sound cool. Add the meaning, and it's pretty much nerd heaven. 

What I want you to do is to take one of the following words and build a poem around it. Don't just jam it in some place where it sticks out like a sore thumb. Make the word you choose central to your poem. I think we may get some interesting results. Write, link, enjoy!

I have selected to write to the word, Saudade. (Portuguese) A deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

How to Know It is Black/poets united midweek motif evidence or clues

How to Know It is Black

I return to the letters
Thrown by the roadside
In a heap
Letters scattered everywhere

What does the morning bring
The silence of songs unsung
Words unspoken
No wind blows

And how do you know
It is black you see
Reach into your pocket
Where black resides

Grab a hand full
Pull it out
Examine it in the light
It is no longer black

Same with the rainbow
Look carefully
It disappears
No pot of gold

Nothing is as it seems
Church bells ring
On any day of the week
House of mirrors

Distortion reigns
Out of focus
Sorrow overwhelms
Dressed in black

Pick up the letters
Begin again
Write a poem
Seal it with a kiss

September 17, 2018

Note:  Sometimes we have no clues, no evidence of how we know something, or how to write a poem.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Circus in My Town/dVerse

The Circus in My Town

I was taken to the circus many times
Cotton candy comes to mind
The lights turned down low

The costumes sparkled
Under the spot lights
The clowns with big shoes
And baggie clothes
Crawled the perimeters of the big top
Like colorful spiders

Elephants with painted smiles
The lions roared
Or were those screams
The clowns threw buckets of tears
At each other
Thousands of clowns 
Stuffed into tiny cars

The music played
Was it Satie with his sad tunes
A world of make believe
A sad state of affairs

September 18, 2018

Sunday, September 16, 2018

How To Make a Poem/poets united poets pantry -- the sunday whirl

How To Make a Poem

The lights are low
The lights on stage are bright
It is time to begin
You take your place

The buzzer sounds
You begin
Without knowing where the beginning is
You work on instinct alone

You choose the letters
That make the words
To make ideas visible
Words with a special sound

And meaning
It is what is behind the thought
That you are after
Words with a special strength

To blow past-ideas from view
It is the spirit of the “thing” really
You work with speed
The speed of a “ten-mule team”

You drive to the finish line
And with a flourish
The work complete

September 16, 2018

Wordle 369  Note:  I found no place for the word “raffle,” so I left it for you.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Resist What is Not True/imaginary gardens with real toads Resistance

Resist What is Not True

Resist the easy
Resist the first horse out of the chute
Resist what is given
In the darkness of night

Resistance doesn’t come easy
It takes an effort
Fully awake
On guard

Wait for it…
What is meant to be
Will surely be
Resist what has been done

Sort out the old
Look for the new
The new way to see
The new way to say

There is a war going on
A war everyday
And yet the way is open
You are invited

Yes, you are expected
There is someone waiting
What it is that you have to say
It may not be great

But is it true
Is it your own
Does it come from the heart
If so, perhaps it is what you are after

The perfect image in the mirror
Resist the one that is not
For you
There is only one truth that is your own

September 15, 2018 

Saudade in Autumn/imaginary gardens with real toads

Saudade in Autumn The morning brought rain Rain running down  The window panes in rivulets Like tears down your cheeks Water, w...