Wednesday, February 21, 2024




Can we speak of color?

And what is it for?

Perhaps, so we can tell one flower 

From another


Can we speak of color?

a simple tool

It must be seen

The beauty of the world


Added drop by drop

In perfect harmony

Every color of the rainbow

And then some


Can we speak of color?

Each moment of the day

Rendered to help 

Us find our way


Can we speak of color?

A lifetime study

No way to know them all

Primary colors, secondary colors and on and on


Can we speak of color?

Nothing definite

Absolutely changeable

Just when you think you know


Color will become something else

Mysterious, unnamable

Changing right before your eyes

An outlaw element to be sure


Can we speak of color?

And the mysteries that surround

How is it different from the other elements?

It is the only one we respond to with love or hate


No usually we do not say,

“Oh I love that shape”

Or, “I love that line”

But we do say, “I love that color!”

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Thursday, February 15, 2024

You Left in the Morning

You left in the Morning


I promised I would return in the morning

And I did

I was late because the driver 

Had many stops to make


I was not the only one 

There were many

Stops and starts


Drop off one

Pick up another


Still when I arrived

The woman at the desk

Recognized me

And asked to be sure


She said

He has just passed

I was too late


Too see you one last time

The night before as I was leaving

I stopped at the desk

And asked how long it would be


I was told, “Oh, it might be weeks.”

The morning came and you

Were gone


Before I left home

I asked you, “ What should I hope for?”

Your answer, “That he does not suffer long.”


Long?  How long is too long?

What is the measurement?

How is one to know?

Written for:   Aubade


Tuesday, February 6, 2024




it is the thing we all desire

safety for ourselves

and for those we love


yet….where is it safe?

under the desk or table

and safe from what?


I think we would like to be safe

at the end of the day

we will return home

without worry or strife


or is it safety in relationship?

you will care for me

as I care for you

protect you from harm


there is much to fear 

In this life

will bombs explode?

as we lie down to rest


you can never be sure

so we will take what safety

we can


live in the sunshine

feed the chickens

pet the dog

and snuggle the cat


that is enough

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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

A Tree

 A Tree


best friend 

comfort and shade

keeps secrets 

lips sealed


 children climb to the very top

 keep them safe 

 catch a breeze

 hold your breath


selected on cold yule night

cut in the forest

yuletide symbol in it’s prime

bundled and trucked


by the window placed 

it happens every year

first the lights are strung

the old ornaments unwrapped


little red Santa you made in school

snowman of paper covered with glitter

bird in a nest   sings his song

tiny guitar        mouse trap


hang the icicles 

carefully          one by one

last of all          the star for the top


what a sight

like a bandbox

In the night

sparkling bright


raise a toast

and declare

you are the best of all

Christmas tree


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Thursday, November 23, 2023

Just Momets Before

  Memories/Just Moments Before

yes, memories can pierce

the heart like a frozen icicle

and yet, the daily things can

fall from the pocket we keep them in


another Friday            the exact day and the exact moment

remain forever as if in resin

turn it in your hand     

look close


what do you see?  within the heart

flowers float on the water

the owl and the octopus

stroll the sandy shore


years separate 

events tied with a fisherman’s knot

somewhere long ago      

your life began    


I told you I would come in the morning

you could not wait

your journey began 

just moments before 


in that quiet room      

number 222    

breath ceased

you are there and yet

no longer here

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  Color   Can we speak of color? And what is it for? Perhaps, so we can tell one flower  From another   Can we speak of color? a simple tool...