Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Forever/imaginary gardens with real toads


You said old or new
I think,…forever
Missing you
And yet…

It was important
For you to have your own path
Follow your own clowns
Time came too soon

I stepped back
And mourned each day
You were away
I have grieved your leaving

And have berated myself
For what I could not do
And I could not
Do it for you

I have to let you go
And this letting go
Happens everyday
Over and over

But my, have you changed by life
My teacher
My love 
My Son

We enter the fifth year
Of your leaving
And in some ways 
It seems it was yesterday

Footsteps in the hall
Your door closed
Your bed empty
Ripping a giant hole in this heart of mine

Grief so like an illness
Something you have to get through
Something that will be with you forever
Still takes some getting used to

January 22, 2019

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Let It BE/ poets united poets pantry -- the sunday whirl

Let It Be

Silent calls
A lonely world
Woven into the air
Despair everywhere

I pull the throw up
Cover my knees
The wind howls
Outside my door

Snow covers
Pebbles and trees
Transforms landscape
…and me

The world once wild
Now tamed
The roads paved
The grass grows in the yard

While we fertilize it
Cut it
Curious behavior
For which we should repent

There is no love without freedom
Just let it be
Who it is
And who it should be

January 20, 2019

Saturday, January 19, 2019

A Smile on Our Face/imaginary gardens with real toads

A Smile on Our Face

The destination is the same
For each of us
Bound for the “Promised Land”
So many questions unanswered

Not this one
We know where we are going
Moving forward
Until the day we die

So, it is up to us
To live the unforgettable life
Begin each morning
At dawn when the sun rises

Take a deep breath
Fill ourselves 
With the happiness 
Of the day

Until the last day
The day we die
Tied to the stake
A smile on our face

January 19, 2019

This weekend, Magaly uses a quote from Mary Oliver, who sadly died this week, to inspire us to write a new poem that “mustn’t be fancy”. We are encouraged to craft poetry that wastes no words.

I chose Mary Oliver's poem Sunrise.  The words are; die, bound, stake, unforgetable, dawn, breath and happiness.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Crypto's/imaginary gardens with real toads


Man’s imagination
Is without limits
When there is nothing to fear
He makes up something

So much in this world
He doesn’t understand
So much to fear
He gives it a dog’s head

The devil ‘s eyes of fire
Big feet to step on you
Some cryptids live in the forest
Some in the arroyos

Some live in the lakes
Some swim at sea
Man fears dark places
Man is small and weak

I suspect it is because 
Of the way man has treated
His fellow creatures
That he carries such fear
Of imaginary beasts

January 17, 2019

I Heard the Fog Horn on a Sunny Day/dVerse

I Heard the Fog Horn on a Sunny Day

I hold the shell to my ear
I listen
Will the sound of waves and wind
Be true

Could I find my way home
Comb the beaches
Pick up shells
Feel the sun on my shoulders

The sun bright
I cover my eyes
Memory creeps in
The little black dog

The “swimmer” dog
He would swim so far out
Only the sea gulls flying above
Marked the spot

Twelve pounds of black meat
Each day brought laughter
Gentle touches
Food from the sea

Was I really there
Or was it a dream
The sandals didn’t fit
One day you didn’t return

I heard the fog horn
On a sunny day
Humpty Dumpty fell
My world broken forever

January 17, 2019

Forever/imaginary gardens with real toads

Forever You said old or new I think,…forever Missing you And yet… It was important For you to have your own path Follow y...