Wednesday, February 21, 2024




Can we speak of color?

And what is it for?

Perhaps, so we can tell one flower 

From another


Can we speak of color?

a simple tool

It must be seen

The beauty of the world


Added drop by drop

In perfect harmony

Every color of the rainbow

And then some


Can we speak of color?

Each moment of the day

Rendered to help 

Us find our way


Can we speak of color?

A lifetime study

No way to know them all

Primary colors, secondary colors and on and on


Can we speak of color?

Nothing definite

Absolutely changeable

Just when you think you know


Color will become something else

Mysterious, unnamable

Changing right before your eyes

An outlaw element to be sure


Can we speak of color?

And the mysteries that surround

How is it different from the other elements?

It is the only one we respond to with love or hate


No usually we do not say,

“Oh I love that shape”

Or, “I love that line”

But we do say, “I love that color!”

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

I knew your poem would be interesting, Annell, since you are an artist as well as a poet. A wonderful poem about the colours of the world. I love the closing, where we respond to colour even more than form. So true.

Susan said...

"An outlaw element to be sure"--wild wild color, like a chimera in some of your lines! I like how it guides us though it's hard to speak of. And I love how you carry the questions through this poem to the aesthetic that clings only to color.

Kim M. Russell said...

As an artist, you are an expert on colour, Annell, and I enjoyed reading your poem exploring what colour is – I especially love that it is ‘so we can tell one flower / From another’ and ‘Nothing definite / Absolutely changeable’.

Mary said...

Interesting conclusion...and so very true, that color is something that triggers positive or negative emotions. And people seem to have strong feelings about it, moreso than with shapes or lines.

Rajani said...

Nothing definite
Absolutely changeable
Just when you think you know.... those lines speak to me... so true, it is all perception in the end.

Sumana Roy said...

'Color' in this poem is quite a character Annell! It's beautiful, harmonious, helpful in its own way, whimsical as you don't know when and how it will change, mysterious and of course lovable. I smiled when I read, "An outlaw element to be sure". An enjoyable read.

alan1704 said...

I love "an outward element to be sure" colour was never to be kept within lines. Well done.

Dora said...

Fascinating reflections on color! I love the inquisitive note you strike from the beginning, half quizzical, half philosophical. Beautifully done.

Mary said...

Hope you will be able to comment on mine. Thank you.

Yvonne Osborne said...

True, that is what we say. I remember learning the primary colors. How two of those can make a third.

Susie Clevenger said...

Color has so much impact. It speaks, reflects, invites...I could go on and on. Beautiful writing.

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