Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Fun, Funny, Funniest/poets united midweek motif

Fun, Funny, Funniest

Life is filled with fun
Maybe not big fun
But little fun each day
I spring from my bed

The hour early
It will be some time before the sun rises
In the dark
I find my way

Open the door
Let the kitten out to  play
It is fun just to still be here
And funny too

Some have left, already gone
What am I doing still here?
Fun to have that first cup of coffee
Dark and rich

My brain trails two steps behind
What will the day bring
Will it be fun, funny, or the funniest
I follow myself to the studio

The work is planned
Some colors mixed
The sky is clear
No snow today and that will be fun

February 20, 2019

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Cowardice and Courage/imaginary gardens with real toads

Cowardice and Courage

I am not a courageous virgin
Not courageous for the first time
Nor a coward
I have known them both

The feelings are not new for me
But feelings they are
I have been afraid
And didn’t think I could do it

Yet I did...

The most unthinkable
The hardest challenge…
When called
I showed up

I walked through fire
Held you close
Said goodbye
And faced life without you

I could not turn away
Took a deep breath
Eyes focused on the horizon
Though invisible you walked with me

And you remain with me now
You showed me your courage
Your strength
No one could say you were a coward

February 19, 2019

Selma/imaginary gardens with real toads


What to say about the Canadian
The one who became my friend
Full of life, or “piss and vinegar”
As she would say

A bit of a rascal in everyway
And yet as loveable as a kitten
Her familiar, the cat, Pablo
So much a part of her life

She would talk to him
Touch him
Care for him
Her soft furry companion

He stayed by her side
Cared for her, too
You called, shared the news

She could stay no longer
I looked out from my window
Not a star in the sky
Rain fell in a dribble

Like tears sliding down the cheek
She would follow the piper
A strong warrior
I am honored to have known you

Your winning ways
Your tricks 
And your manners
One of a kind

A very special person
We each will go in our own time
Your chair will remain empty
I will wait for your return

February 15, 2019

Selma  was a very special friend.  I will miss her.

What is Invisible/dVerse

What is Invisible

Isn’t everything we don’t’ see
And everything we don’t feel
And everything we don’t hear
And everything we don’t smell
And everything we don’t taste

So much of life is invisible to us

Unless you tell me how you feel
I don’t know

Unless you sing for me
I cannot hear the song in your heart

Unless you tell me the scents of your garden
I will not know, for I may never visit your garden

Unless you tell me the taste of the apple you just ate
I don’t know

We might call the “overlooked,” invisible
How many nights pass
That we don’t see the moon and stars

How often have we stepped over something small
Without knowing it is there

Often, we are in the world
Without seeing the world
Or consciously experiencing it in anyway

February 19, 2019

Monday, February 18, 2019

What if the Moon Disappeared Tomorrow?/imaginary gardens with real toads

What if the Moon Disappeared Tomorrow?

I am running a wee bit late
As often happens
Trying to stay on schedule
I’ve been thinking about your question…

What if the moon disappeared tomorrow?
And right away
I know lovers were have nothing to say
People would be sad

Romance would die
Alice Walker would no longer gaze at it
Perhaps she would find no inspiration for her writes
In the darkest of nights

There would be no light for children to play out at night
Without the moon over my heart
I would have nothing to say
Tides would no long rise or fall

It shines light on dark paths
Shows the way 
Adds mystery 
And spice to life

February 18, 2019

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Selma/the sunday whirl --poets united poets pantry


Written on water
The message
Slides below the surface
Barely legible

With a stick
I draw a line in the sand
From my heart to yours’
The message said you are gone

Just disappeared
Climbed from your bed…
No one knows for sure
The story a bit hazy

Upon return
The room empty
All nooks and crannies were searched
The day ended on a high note

They said, you were happy
The dishes were cleared from the table
Water drained from the sink
Scraps offered to the dogs

The wind blew all night
The morning calm
Hard to believe
You are gone for good

February 17, 2019

Note: Sometimes it is just that way. You were sick, and couldn’t live forever…still death comes as a surprise.  How do you choose a few words that wrap up a life…a life lived long. Beauty, color, funny, faithful, fun, laughter, “the bell of the ball.”   I will miss my friend, Selma Cooper.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Oh Love/poets united midweek motif/love -- imaginary gardens with real toads

Oh Love

Oh love
Who doesn’t seek for love
A precious pearl
A tantalizing glow

Oh love
Were for are thou
Hard to find
Like horny toads, and blue lizards

Oh love
My quest continues
Across the sands
A seeker I am

Oh love
Will I know thee
When confronted
Or will I walk on by

Oh love
I’ll wait right here
By the garden gate
Now don’t be late

And when I’m told
You have already passed
I am waiting still
Maybe, you will come back

February 14, 2019

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

What is Real and What is Not/ dVerse

What is Real and What is Not

It can be a dilemma
Caught in a web
Unable to move
Unsure which way to go

Are dreams real, you ask
Hard to say
For they seem so
Until you wake with a gasp

Is love real
It seems so
When you look into my eyes
Steal a kiss

Will it last
Hard to tell
Passion comes and goes
Like the wind itself

The sky turns dark
The wind blows a gale
A storm is upon us
And then it blows itself out

All is calm
What is real
The storm or the calm
Hard to tell
When in the middle of it

February 13, 2019

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A Prelude to a First Kiss/dVerse

A Prelude to a First Kiss

Soft strands of music
Waft across the mesa
Low beat of drums 
The rhythm grew faster
A night like no other

At the end of the evening
You leaned forward
Lips missed their mark
It was a prelude to a first kiss

February 12, 2019

Signals of Time/imaginary gardens with real toads

Signals of Time

No, there are no signals
To mark the passage of time
It seems to hurry by
When I am busy

At work
Trying to solve
The issue of the day
I look up 

Time passes
Seasons change
Months and years
I have grown old

I can still hear
The sound of fog horns
On the channel
Arthur Dove’s painting

Wrinkles caress my face 
A map of where I have been
My hair thin and grey
The hair of my Grandmother

A soft silver cloud 
Floats around my head
In the mirror
A stranger 

Because of this passing of time
I am an unknown person
In an unknown land
Will Spring come again this year?

February 12, 2019

“Time,” wrote Thomas Mann, “has no divisions to mark its passage, there is never a thunderstorm or blare of trumpets to announce the beginning of a new month or year.” 

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Fly to the Moon/the sunday whirl -- poets united poets pantry

Fly to the Moon

Take a chance
Don’t be shy
Ride a shooting star
Fly to the moon

Don’t let a misstep mar your day
Be sly
Hide (if you have to)
Let it all pass on by

Stand apart from the fray
Barter for a better day
Give your wishes credence
Chart your course

Get out your crayons
Make some marks
The rhythm of your life
Is the cadence of your own heart

February 10, 2019

Wordle 390:   

Chance, fly, shoot, star, shy, mar, sly, apart, barter, credence, chart, cadence    

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Morning After/imaginary gardens with real toads

Morning After

Morning after
After what? you ask
A sleepless night
And what was the cause

Sometimes it is hard to tell
It seemed every nerve in my body
Was a jangle
No rest for the weary

Yes, I was tired
But there was something…
Or was it just my body
Running through the day

Or some “old something”
Revisiting the site
Did worry get the best of me
Sometimes it is hard to put your finger

On exactly what it was
The morning broke
The sun shining 
Silence is my companion

I am on the brink of beginning
Each new morning
A new beginning
The hands of the clock advance

February 7, 2019

On imaginary gardens with real toads, we were asked to talk about the present moment.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

I Follow the "Light"/dVerse

I Follow the “Light”

I am a traveler
I follow the “light”
Of course, we cannot see “light”
But light allows us to see everything else

Artists have always come to Taos
Because of the “light”
The color is more intense
Goes beyond the eye

Touches the heart
Color welcomes us home
Color sets the mood
Color gives meaning

Color is changeable
Like water
It takes different forms
You may say

Yes, I have it just right
That is exactly what I want
Paint it down
And then paint the next color to it

It changes
We never experience color alone
It is always in relationship with other colors
I am a traveler
I follow the “light:

February 5, 2019

Zero Tolerance/poets united midweek motif/zero tolerance

Zero Tolerance

I put my foot down
You have gone far enough
Too, far
Your cruelty is larger than your ego

No one calls
Asks me how I feel
What I want
Who to toss

Instead I find myself
In an unknown forest
What happens…happens
without consultation

I find my way thought twisted brambles
Overgrown branches
Thick undergrowth
No trail to follow

I have my own tricks and manners
I will wait for you to catch up
Speak clearly
Thread the needle

See the signs
Time to step back
Get out of my space
Make amends

February 5, 2019

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Mules and Mountains/ imaginary gardens with real toads tuesday platform

Mules and Mountains

You spoke of feeling like a donkey
And I was reminded of Susan Griffin’s
Book, Woman and Nature -- Mules
She begins, “We are the mules.”

The work we were bred for
The cleaning, nurturing
The raising of children
Cooking…calculating the measurements

It is said, we are not logical
The mule balks for no apparent reason
Suddenly we find ourselves in tears
Susan says, “…she is clumsy

With the dullness of labor.”
Form and function
Labor also has its’ grace
Grace, unnamed, invisible, surviving

I stand harnessed to the plow
I see the mountains
And remember
My burden is small in comparison

February 2, 2019

I have taken some of Susan Griffin’s words from her book, Woman and Nature, The Roaring Inside Her -- Mules.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

A Long Cold Night/the sunday whirl -- poets united poets pantry

A Long Cold Night

The night is long and cold
The snow still on the ground
Temperatures low
A chill in the air

I swipe the slate clean
Wait for signals
Hints about what I am thinking
Can I touch the deepest part of me

The shy part
The part that remains hidden
The master of the files
Where each day is recorded

Becomes my past
Long strings of words
Wrapped around cylinders
Filled with people

I have known
Loved and lost
Like a gold mine
These saved words

Fill my poems
It is my history (herstory)
I will not be inhibited
Nor judged by my words

I am not on trial
I sit by the fire
No longer chilled
Words flow in the warmth
And the memory of summer

February 3, 2019
Wordle 389:    Night, chill, swipe, signals, hints, touch, shy, files, mine, inhibit, sitting       

Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Turning Point/imaginary gardens with real toads/the turning point

The Turning Point

It is usually in hindsight
That I recognize
I have reached the turning point
And have gone past it

Usually it is outside myself
That it happens
The door opens
And without knowing

I walk through it
Colors are brighter
Sounds are softer
More melodic

Everything tastes brighter
The air is fresher
I am new again
The last turning point
Is behind me

It is not to say
There won’t be another
For who can say
Where each turning point resides

February 2, 2019

Fun, Funny, Funniest/poets united midweek motif

Fun, Funny, Funniest Life is filled with fun Maybe not big fun But little fun each day I spring from my bed The hour early ...