Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Zero Tolerance/poets united midweek motif/zero tolerance

Zero Tolerance

I put my foot down
You have gone far enough
Too, far
Your cruelty is larger than your ego

No one calls
Asks me how I feel
What I want
Who to toss

Instead I find myself
In an unknown forest
What happens…happens
without consultation

I find my way thought twisted brambles
Overgrown branches
Thick undergrowth
No trail to follow

I have my own tricks and manners
I will wait for you to catch up
Speak clearly
Thread the needle

See the signs
Time to step back
Get out of my space
Make amends

February 5, 2019


Sumana Roy said...

"Instead I find myself
In an unknown forest
What happens…happens"....At present we're all in such wilderness, full of apprehension. Nicely put.

Susan said...

OWooooo! You describe so clearly the no calls / lack of guidance of break-ups or should be break-ups, and even illness and recovery, I've found, when you think you have a local support network but learn in their silence that you haven't. At times like these I discard everyone in a way, though I wait, and pay for companionship, er, I mean, I see a psychologist or other counselor. And that's only on the personal level. When you add in politics and the world, the wilderness expands exponentially. Those of us who have depression or recent depression, have to be careful.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

We pick our way through the brambles as best we can. The way gets thorny, but the journey is set. Loved this, my friend.

Myrna R. said...

I like the assertiveness in this. Truly, enough is enough. We must make our own path, follow the light you write about in your previous poem. Great writing Annell.

Toni Spencer said...

Yes. We must make our own paths sometimes. the journey is the best part.

Marja said...

I find my way thought twisted brambles......Love that stanza A great poem and we all have to set our boundaries and be assertive

Kim Russell said...

I would like to see more people putting their feet down. If we all did it, the ground would rumble and we would scare all those cruel so-and-sos away.
I like the unknown forest metaphor, Annell, and the lines:
‘I find my way thought twisted brambles
Overgrown branches
Thick undergrowth
No trail to follow’.
That’s what life in this world feels like at the moment.

Sara McNulty said...

""Instead I find myself
In an unknown forest"

We must find our own clear paths.

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