Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Face in the Mirror/ Poets United (Moon) and dVerse (Through the Looking Glass)

The Face in the Mirror

Small pond
Nature’s mirror
Still-water reflecting
Bare branches
The deep blue sky

Echo on the surface of the pond         
All the twinkling stars above
The milky way            
The face of the moon              
All shimmery – shining silver              

Occupied the surface of the pond       
From edge to edge
They looked into each other’s eyes      
With a sideways glance   
The moon thought

The face so beautiful   
One he had never seen before             
Like Narcissus
He was captured by the image 
Without knowing the face was his own

January 31, 2018                    


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Birth of a Poet & Poems are Everywhere/deVerse

Birth of a Poet

The poet is recent
Mother loved poetry 
Reading often
When we were small

It was clear
Who I was
Imagine the surprise
I began to write

About everything
Under the sun
Shoes and sailing ships
Commoner and kings
Wild places -- bracelets and rings

January 30, 2018

Poems are Everywhere

You sort my mind
Get in line
Up my sleeve

March to the drum beat
All things ordered
Much to see…and say

The rhythm of “me”
The deep blue sea
Sounds of guns

And silence, too
Whisper secrets
Sing along
...A rhyme or two

January 30, 2018


  Mother   mother, a simple word just six letters   “m” is for mine, meadow, meow all the wonders of the world wild meadow orchids including...