Saturday, January 20, 2018

Trees/Imaginary gardens with Real Toads

trees provide shade                  for the weary traveler  on a hot summer afternoon     

they stand up-right                   just like humans                       as the seasons change                    

they change                              what they are wearing   they color the landscape          

they are always calm                 never in a hurry                       if you want to chat                  

they always have time for you  they are especially good listeners

and like good children they usually remain                  where you left them    

as a child                                  i loved to climb into them        from that vantage point

i could see the whole wide world         curl up for a nap          birds love to perch in them

it is where they build their nests            trees make good neighbors      

January 20, 2018                                            


Carrie Van Horn said...

Yes, trees are so many wonderful and good have captured it so beautifully here Annell!

brudberg said...

I need trees.. they are the only one patient enough to listen.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love that they always have time for us.......they live entire millennia in one place, yet encompass all of life in their branches.

Margaret said...

Yes, they ARE good listeners!

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