Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 29, 2013 Sunday Whirl #141/Poetry Pantry #182

Last Day of the Year
Time to think about 
The year passed
As it becomes an
Integral map
The answer to
What is to come
Softly last year
Takes its’ final breath

The pink tint 
Of sunrise
The beginning
Of the new-year
A tincture 
To heal
Past hurts

Time to think
Of the year passed
Last chance to say
To all that was
And all that
Could not be
Desires for the
Coming year
Blast into 
The future

...Coyote’s tip
For success
Keep your 
Head down
Stay quietly
On the move

Saturday, December 28, 2013

December 28, 2013 We Write Poems #193

We Write Poems  #193  Prompt:  Wordle

Christmas Morning 2013, Taos, New Mexico
A mere speck of dust
Waiting to be swept
Into action

In the winter
When the snow
Has melted
Dust comes to life

Dust is the Queen
Clotting the moonlight
The night is dusty
No longer blue

The sky
Is filled
Creating the 
In the world

Trees are covered
With dust
The mind wonders
The eyes are blinded
The only answer is dust

Without snow
Christmas morning
Is grey with dust

Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 26, 2013 We Write Poems

We Write Poems  Prompt:  #192

Christmas 2013 Taos, New Mexico
The star so bright
The sudden light
The mess we made
As we prepared
To celebrate your

The songs we sang
The same ones
We sung
For all times
Forgot the words
Mumbled our

Gave gifts
To delight
The ones we
Sent wishes
To friends

The day after
We clean
Put everything away
Look ahead
Wonder what
This year will bring
Survived another

Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 22, 2013 Sunday Whirl #140/ United - Poets Pantry #181

White Christmas in Taos

Feelings split
At Christmas
Memories intact
Heart pulverized

No longer clear
Means a white
Excitement level

Follow new traditions
Make a list
Attend parties
Shuttle from one
To another

Black Widow spider
In her web
Listens for
Yesterday's echo

Each day the same
For hawk
And for coyote
Spies dinner
And flies

__________________  Prompt:  Christmas Memories

So many
Christmas memories
In my pack
Too heavy to lift
Too heavy to carry

Memories galore
Some good
Some not

As a child
I knew
It was pretend
But fun to play along
Watch the old folks
Eyes light up
To see
The children
Laugh and play
The surprise
Of it all

Just you and me
Full of love
Like a gentle

A child
Of our own
To surprise
And please

Were gone
All was dark

I started over
Not the same
Still another day
To give thanks

Years have passed
No it’s not the same
Will never be
But still they call
It Christmas

Perhaps it
Is the day
That marks
What was
What will be
Holds all
The memories
Some good
Some not

Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 21, 2013 We Write Poems #191/ Writers Digest

Prompt:  #191  Light
                                                        (Image from the Internet)

Five Days Before Christmas, Taos, New Mexico
Early morning
Five days before Christmas
Snow on the mountains
A grey beginning

Taos a small dirty
Town in Northern New Mexico
Especially this time of year
The snow has melted
From the streets
Small patches
Huddle beneath the sage
Dust everywhere
Even on paved roads
As cars pass
Dust rises
Then falls
Settling back on the road
Waiting for the next passing car

Everything the color of dust
Something’s reddish
Some yellow
Some gold
All variations 
Of grey
Most trees stand naked
Bare arms reach upward

The willow along
The riverbank
Shades of red
Terri Cotta
Bright and dull

Crosses of all sizes
Simple wooden crosses
Placed along roadside
Faded flowers cling
From another day’s
Marks the spot
The end of a life
Leaving footprints
Among the dusty
Dried grasses

Hawk sits in bare treetop
Watch for movement
In the fields
Where the cholla grow
Heavy grey clouds
Block the bright sunlight
Dust settles
Five days before Christmas
                         Dec. 20, 2013

Note:  Descansos are roadside shrines and cholla are cactus.

We Write Poems:  Prompt Found Poem

Lost in a Heartbeat
The world
Your world
Can be lost
In a heart beat

The mind confused
Running as fast as it can
From this to that
The unthinkable happens
A place too dark to go
Too dark to think about
A place of fear
The world
Your world
In a heartbeat

Hard to believe
Try to set things right
Look for answers
In all the hiding places
The world
Your world
In a heartbeat

The longest moment
Time stops
Breath stops
Thought stops
You don’t remember
The last heartbeat
In which
Your world

In an instant
Your heart turns
To stone
You are lost
But you cannot
Give up
No place to go

The world
Your world
In a heartbeat

Found Poem:  Small Wonder Barbara Kingsolver

Saturday, December 14, 2013

December 14, 2013 We Write Poems/Bonus December Prompt #189/Sunday Whirl #140/ Writers Digest

We Write Poems  Prompt:  Miracle

We are here
Where did
We come from
Some say
They know
There is controversy
All answers
Seem to suggest

We survive
Same thing
How do
We survive
Some say
They know
There is controversy
All answers
Seem to suggest

The World itself
A blue marble in
How did it happen
Some say
They know
There is controversy
All answers
Seem to suggest

The World is filled
With wondrous
Where did they
Come from
Some say
They know
There is controversy
All answers
Seem to suggest

I do not seek exact answers
I like living in a world
Of miracles
A world of wonder
Stars twinkle
In the nighttime sky
The sun burns up
In wondrous sunsets
Each day
I don’t have
To have
All the answers
Perhaps the answers
Would spoil
The miracles
The magic

The Sunday Whirl #140

Sunday Whirl  #140
Prompt: fix, apart, snatch, cover, pair, angel
waves, simple, box, clay, lies,

The Perfect Pair
We were the
Perfect pair
Fit together
Like two pieces
Of a jig saw puzzle
We are apart
Nothing to be fixed
Your leaving
Snatched the rug
From beneath my feet
It all happened
In a breath
The world stood still
Just for a moment
After that
Was the same
I cover my head
With a black shawl
I am but a shadow
An angel walks
With me now
Calms the waves
After the storm
It is simple
All answers are in
The box of clay
Which lies in
The moonlight

Writer's Digest  Prompt:  Write an antique poem.

Christmas around the corner
Just out of sight
Snow covers the ground
The horse and
Sleigh await
Make the
Neighborhood rounds
Singing carols
Sip a bit
Santa’s on his way
Mom and Day
Up late
Sparkly tree
Pretty presents
For everyone
Mama killed a chicken
Stuffed it with dressing
Children tucked in bed
Just a memory
Of long ago
Or maybe

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