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December 14, 2013 We Write Poems/Bonus December Prompt #189/Sunday Whirl #140/ Writers Digest

We Write Poems  Prompt:  Miracle

We are here
Where did
We come from
Some say
They know
There is controversy
All answers
Seem to suggest

We survive
Same thing
How do
We survive
Some say
They know
There is controversy
All answers
Seem to suggest

The World itself
A blue marble in
How did it happen
Some say
They know
There is controversy
All answers
Seem to suggest

The World is filled
With wondrous
Where did they
Come from
Some say
They know
There is controversy
All answers
Seem to suggest

I do not seek exact answers
I like living in a world
Of miracles
A world of wonder
Stars twinkle
In the nighttime sky
The sun burns up
In wondrous sunsets
Each day
I don’t have
To have
All the answers
Perhaps the answers
Would spoil
The miracles
The magic

The Sunday Whirl #140

Sunday Whirl  #140
Prompt: fix, apart, snatch, cover, pair, angel
waves, simple, box, clay, lies,

The Perfect Pair
We were the
Perfect pair
Fit together
Like two pieces
Of a jig saw puzzle
We are apart
Nothing to be fixed
Your leaving
Snatched the rug
From beneath my feet
It all happened
In a breath
The world stood still
Just for a moment
After that
Was the same
I cover my head
With a black shawl
I am but a shadow
An angel walks
With me now
Calms the waves
After the storm
It is simple
All answers are in
The box of clay
Which lies in
The moonlight

Writer's Digest  Prompt:  Write an antique poem.

Christmas around the corner
Just out of sight
Snow covers the ground
The horse and
Sleigh await
Make the
Neighborhood rounds
Singing carols
Sip a bit
Santa’s on his way
Mom and Day
Up late
Sparkly tree
Pretty presents
For everyone
Mama killed a chicken
Stuffed it with dressing
Children tucked in bed
Just a memory
Of long ago
Or maybe


Anonymous said...

The universe is a magical place and the more I study the more amazing and inexplicable it all seems. The second poem really tugs at the heart strings

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I too like living in a world of miracles! What a wondrous write your poem for "We Write Poems" is---a miracle! ;)

A Wordle Whiff of Christmas

Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP) said...

Read "Miracles" first and I it resonanted deeply - I enjoy living in a world of "miracles" in what I often write of as this "spinning blue marble that we all share" .. Your second ahhh "The Perfect Pair" the image of "I cover my head with a black shawl....I am but a shadow...An angel walks with me now.." perfectly articulates pain that is often inexpressible. Wonderful work! :)

Anonymous said...

The Perfect Pair is a lovely poem, rich and visual.

Anonymous said...

Fine writes you've share. The Perfect Pair is a beautiful poem. If we couple, we will eventually uncouple.

brenda w said...

Miracles speaks to me. Magic is the unknown, I love the whirl, piece, too. Especially "I am but a shadow," following the image of the shawl.

Unknown said...

I really like your miracle poem! Maybe not having all the answers is what keeps us going. Your wordle - "I am but a shadow" - so sad, beautifully worded.

Jae Rose said...

It all happens without explanation rhyme or reason..perhaps we wouldn't survive if we knew why..looking up, daydreaming, creating that is the miracle..the rest feels so far away but painfully close.. x

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

I like how you've used the last few lines of each stanza as a refrain.

As much as I am into finding out what's "behind the curtain" I do believe that some things have a magical, mystical quality which can be spoiled by too much analysis...the trick is balancing between wanting to know and dissecting everything to death. Thank you for reminding me of this.


Brian Miller said...

i believe in miracles still...there are questions i dont think we will ever know the answer to as well...and sometimes we just need to let mystery be mystery...

Old Egg said...

We may ruin our lives worrying about where we came from and why. Better by far to look around, enjoy the experience and give thanks for the wonder of life. For those that want to dig, fine. Me? I will just enjoy the view and write about it.

kaykuala said...

Miracles may be elusive. But believing in one is a hopeful desire. And when it happens it is mostly something desired and valued. Great multiples annell. Love them!


Hannah said...

In your first poem your last stanza resonates with me especially. Beautiful work here, Annell!

Jules said...

There is something to be said for not knowing how something works...
I enjoyed your wordle too.
Holiday wishes and the best New Year - Cheers, Jules

Anonymous said...

What a wonder you are! A feast of words and meaning. Love the magic in miracles. The perfect pair is incredibly sensitive and honest. And the last is strong with memory of Christmas past. Wonderful Annell,


Laura said...

Your miracle poem resonated deeply with me Annell, thank you. I too appreciate dwelling in the mystery, opening to awe.

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