Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 22, 2013 Sunday Whirl #140/ United - Poets Pantry #181

White Christmas in Taos

Feelings split
At Christmas
Memories intact
Heart pulverized

No longer clear
Means a white
Excitement level

Follow new traditions
Make a list
Attend parties
Shuttle from one
To another

Black Widow spider
In her web
Listens for
Yesterday's echo

Each day the same
For hawk
And for coyote
Spies dinner
And flies

__________________  Prompt:  Christmas Memories

So many
Christmas memories
In my pack
Too heavy to lift
Too heavy to carry

Memories galore
Some good
Some not

As a child
I knew
It was pretend
But fun to play along
Watch the old folks
Eyes light up
To see
The children
Laugh and play
The surprise
Of it all

Just you and me
Full of love
Like a gentle

A child
Of our own
To surprise
And please

Were gone
All was dark

I started over
Not the same
Still another day
To give thanks

Years have passed
No it’s not the same
Will never be
But still they call
It Christmas

Perhaps it
Is the day
That marks
What was
What will be
Holds all
The memories
Some good
Some not


Sabra Bowers said...

Oh, I relate to each day the same for hawk and for coyote. Well wordled.

Anonymous said...

I can relate as well recently the holidays have snuck up on me. I haven't felt nearly the same enthusiasm. I wonder if its because the cities and stores begin to easily that it just becomes unreal and detached

Jae Rose said...

Spies dinner and flies..they do loom heavy..maybe everything is just pretend..but when we believe a little more it feels real? sending you a hug and tea from the little red teapot x

Unknown said...

that first stanza made me sad - sometimes the memories creep up on us especially at this time of year. Your second poem - they say time heals all wounds, but they never say just how long.

annell4 said...

Yes, I think the commercialism has ruined many things about Christmas.

I try to stay out of the stores at the holiday time, and they are only making that time longer. My gifts are something I make.

veronica said...

Oh, I loved both of these, despite their sense of loss. The bit about the coyote was true and touching. I don't get crazy about Christmas. Home made gifts and good home cooking, and good walks. :)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love this poem, Annell. It resonates strongly with me. Memories of those magical Christmases past, which can never come again. How different Christmas is now, one goes through the motions.......the weight of memories........sigh.

Brian Miller said...

for many it is yet another day of survival...finding food..providing for a family....and we make new traditions...i think they are good...they mark the family....

Old Egg said...

Happiness, Sadness, Living, Dying we all have a share in the lucky dip. We should all take note of the hawk and the coyote, even Aesop's "Ant and the Grasshopper"!

humbird said...

,Black Widow spider
In her web
Listens for
Yesterday's echo' - tells me that we all have some bad memories...we need to let it go, to clean our path ~ Happy Holidays!

kaykuala said...

So much to be packed in, in so limited time and space. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, annell!


Anonymous said...

There are many, I think, who find sadness in memories of seasons passed. Perhaps that is an opportunity to purge, allowing us to refuel and get on with the new business of another year?


flaubert said...

Really well wordled, Annell. So much wisdom. I am sorry I cannot help you with the snow feature, but I am no techy. Happy holidays, dear sweet lady.


Sumana Roy said...

words laden with sadness....touching...

Mary said...

Beautifully written, Annell. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Brian Miller said...

i hope you have a most wonderful christmas day today!

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