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December 21, 2013 We Write Poems #191/ Writers Digest

Prompt:  #191  Light
                                                        (Image from the Internet)

Five Days Before Christmas, Taos, New Mexico
Early morning
Five days before Christmas
Snow on the mountains
A grey beginning

Taos a small dirty
Town in Northern New Mexico
Especially this time of year
The snow has melted
From the streets
Small patches
Huddle beneath the sage
Dust everywhere
Even on paved roads
As cars pass
Dust rises
Then falls
Settling back on the road
Waiting for the next passing car

Everything the color of dust
Something’s reddish
Some yellow
Some gold
All variations 
Of grey
Most trees stand naked
Bare arms reach upward

The willow along
The riverbank
Shades of red
Terri Cotta
Bright and dull

Crosses of all sizes
Simple wooden crosses
Placed along roadside
Faded flowers cling
From another day’s
Marks the spot
The end of a life
Leaving footprints
Among the dusty
Dried grasses

Hawk sits in bare treetop
Watch for movement
In the fields
Where the cholla grow
Heavy grey clouds
Block the bright sunlight
Dust settles
Five days before Christmas
                         Dec. 20, 2013

Note:  Descansos are roadside shrines and cholla are cactus.

We Write Poems:  Prompt Found Poem

Lost in a Heartbeat
The world
Your world
Can be lost
In a heart beat

The mind confused
Running as fast as it can
From this to that
The unthinkable happens
A place too dark to go
Too dark to think about
A place of fear
The world
Your world
In a heartbeat

Hard to believe
Try to set things right
Look for answers
In all the hiding places
The world
Your world
In a heartbeat

The longest moment
Time stops
Breath stops
Thought stops
You don’t remember
The last heartbeat
In which
Your world

In an instant
Your heart turns
To stone
You are lost
But you cannot
Give up
No place to go

The world
Your world
In a heartbeat

Found Poem:  Small Wonder Barbara Kingsolver


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Anonymous said...

Both poems are emotional and powerful, gorgeous visuals in the first, they both tug on the heart strings

Brian Miller said...

the willows along the river bank make for a nice visual...sounds a bit like el paso to me...i loved visiting there when i used to travel for business....we have those crosses as well...i like the zoom in on that hawk as well..

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