Thursday, December 5, 2013

December 5, 2013 We Write Poems

We Write Poems/ prompt Holiday Collage

The Holidays
Aw.....the holidays
Are here again
Why it seems like
Only yesterday
I carried your gift
In the car for months
After Christmas
Meaning to stop by
Until at last I
Brought it into the
Unwrapped it and
Put it away

I am not really a
Holiday person
It seems so full
Of leftover wishes
That never come true
The weather turns frigid
So much to do
Cook and clean
Hours decorating
Only to spend hours
Taking it down
Putting it away

I really can’t remember
When I put away Christmas
The last shiny ornament
Wrapped and put away
For the last time
I suppose it was when
The children left home
And moved far away
My parents are gone
The loved ones lie 
Stone cold in their graves

Without you I would be alone
I don’t really like turkey
And all the trimmings
It seems the holidays
Have always been a good
Time for me to be in the
Everyone else is busy
The work flows

Each year I realize I am older
The anticipation is gone
I don’t like going to the malls
The traffic is horrific
Thank goodness you
You are still here
Feel the same way
Without you
I probably wouldn’t
Even take the day off

I would work right through
To your birthday and the
New Year
Time flies so quickly
I turn around
And it is the season
Once again
Aw...the holidays

Note:  I my attempt to be honest, it does sound rather grim.....but I find the holidays don't really care if I participate or not, they will still come and soon will be over....


Tawnya Smith said...

Thank you so much for participating in the prompt. Despite the "grimness" I really love this poem. I suspect many people, especially those who have seen a few holidays, share some of your sentiments. I'm already starting to feel that way. Let's share a little "bah humbug" and "happy holidays" as we cycle through the seasons again.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I so relate, Annell. I, too, am thankful your husband is there with you. It all seems too much to me, too, especially this year, when my health is flagging. I;d be happy to skip it. But I have kids and grandkids and my own sense of obligation to continue the traditions I began when I was young and strong. This year, luckily, will be a quiet one, just perfect for this particular year.

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

My fiance and I have no children, and never will. Of my closer family, only my mother is alive. I love Christmas, but it's more for the view -- there is so much work with it. So I find myself relating a little to your poem. Thank you for sharing.


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