Thursday, December 12, 2013

December 12, 2013 We Write Poems #188 Holiday Centro

Clickty Clack/Clickty Clack
Faint words blow
Across the mesa
Hunger for an image
Close connection
Time flies
So quickly
I dream
Come out to play
One memory recalled
Each shape carefully rendered
Clickty Clack/Clickty Clack

Split past and present
Appears and disappears
What happens
In the white light
One tree
Branches bare
Lying on my slab
Dressed in black
Grey, lonely silent
Clickty Clack/Clickty Clack

Dreams dwindle
Crash to the floor
It does not matter
Return to a safer place
Quietly we sit
Cook and clean
Leave no trace
She will come again
Dressed in linen
Clickty Clack/Clickty Clack

I find the end
Dig Down
Clickty Clack/Clickty Clack

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Anonymous said...

I love this Annell one of my favorite pieces of yours, will read many times excellent

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