Thursday, May 24, 2018

ISSA/Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads


We agreed 
There would be no more cats
After Beau

Beau was the most “everything”
A pet could be
A regular little gentleman
We loved him dearly
And he loved us the same

He did have some close brushes
With the Grim Reaper
But most of his days
Were healthy

He liked to drink water out of a glass
With ice cubes
He only played with his toys at night
When we were sleeping

We thought
He thought, 
It was too undignified

To be seen playing with toys

He lost an eye in an accident
We never knew for sure
Exactly what happened
He was no less 
For the loss

In the morning his toys would be 
Scattered all over the floor
He lived to be 18 years old
And when the time came
He seemed to know
And told us it was OK

A year passed
The house lonely
And quiet
Dawn brought us a picture
And said this kitten
Was at the shelter

I went to see him
We named him Issa
After the Japanese poet
He has filled our house
And our hearts

He is an athlete
Agile and strong
Full of life
And knows his own games

He loves to play 
Hide and Seek
And he stands up
Spreads his arms
And tries to catch us

He helps out in the studio

He is the kind of guy 
With something up his sleeves

He has kitchen skills

He has grown to be a fine gentleman himself
He doesn’t write poetry too often
But is a poem himself
He often speaks of the fullness of life
As only kitties can do

May 24, 2018


Samyuktha Jayaprakash said...

He certainly seems like a gentleman and a poem himself. Lovely poem! And cute pics :D

Jane Dougherty said...

You've been lucky with your cats—beauties :)

Robert Bourne said...

they all have their own unique personalities... :) wonderful poem and story

Sarah Russell said...

Yes! Cats are poems, aren’t they. Wonderful insight. Issa looks like he has some Siamese somewhere in his background. What a beautiful cat!

Fireblossom said...

So much personality in Issa's face!

Gillena Cox said...

"He doesn’t write poetry too often
But is a poem himself"

Lovely tribute Annell

much love...

brudberg said...

He is a poem himself... love that, and such a hard thing to replace a loved pet with another... they cannot fill the same void.

Jim said...

Cute poem, Annell. Of course rules are made to be broken and Issa came. Our cat came via our daughter, as did our beagle. Amber lived to be 19, so did Adi the beagle. And Katrin the toy poodle died at age 14.
According to the Rule 102 of Mrs. Jim, none of them should have come.
Rule 102: Anything or anyone in the household that leaves or dies can come back or be replaced. That goes for (me) also.
All five of our kids have left home. Each has cone back to stay from two weeks to over a year. Both the dog and the cat have been replaced, Adi and Amber, above, by our daughter when it became impractical for her to keep them. And Katrin was willed to Mrs. Jim by her friend who died of cancer. The goldfish though, will never be replaced. We gave her to the mother with an autistic young son.

Jim said...

Oh my, a terrible typo !! For Rule 102, "... can come back or be replaced" should read 'WILL NOT BE REPLACED.' I left the NOT out. Sorry.

Sherry Marr said...

Oh I missed this when I was at the farm. How I love it! LOVE the photo of Beau in the little hat. What a fine gentleman he was. And I love the life and joy young Issa brought into your house when he came to stay. There is nothing I love more than a post about animals. I so enjoyed this!

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