Saturday, May 26, 2018

BUGS AND INSECTS/ Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads -- Prompt Bugs and Insects


One day long ago
In my past life
I remember
Picking blackberries
Each one nice and plump
As big as your thumb

Later we found
Chiggers had invaded 
Our panties
Itchy chigger bites

Misquotes buzzing around 
Bite you everywhere
Black flies like to go hiking
Bite, bite, bite
Itchy and swelling for weeks

Sometimes late at night
In the darkness
“Thousand-legs” crawl
Across the floor
The cat follows them

And yesterday
We found a
Dead on the floor
Without explanation

Once I saved a bumble bee
Trapped in the glass
I swear, he said

Bugs and insects are different
But add to the interest of it all
Sometimes they aren’t too friendly
And bite you

May 26, 2018


Kim Russell said...

I enjoyed your bug poem, Annell, but I'm concerned about the chiggers in your panties! 😁

Gillena Cox said...

Interesting write Annell

Much love...

willow_switches said...

I echo Kim's sentiments about the misplaced itchies .... yowouch!

And had to go search for "child of the earth" - which I know more as "potato bug" but oh, they are creepy to look at, yet fascinating....

fun poem about bugs :)

Toni Spencer said...

Oh lord - chiggers. Such tiny evil creatures. And the potato bugs. Fascinating creatures, having seen thousands of them in my life time. I love blackberries and picking them but...I will go for the farm raised ones - no chiggers. Although the flavor falls a bit flat. And ticks. Oh my goodness - ticks. The insects truly protect these luscious fruits.

Jim said...

And bite you.
Those bugs and insects have it for the writer. Bearers of grief.
A nice, sort of fun read. Annell.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the bee saying "help" so much! I dont know what chiggers are and that is likely a good thing...mosquitoes? Where my son and daughter in law live, as they are outdoor people, they and their dog always come home covered in ticks. Horrible.

Vivian Zems said...

A very "ouch-y" write- full of fun and bite!

Ron. said...

Oh yeah, been there, itch-wise. Well writ.

brudberg said...

I mostly know the mosquitoes... but probably ticks are the worst one I know.

Debi Swim said...

I had to look up "child of the earth". What an ugly critter (except tp its mother of course). I dislike all creepy crawlies and chiggers are no fun at all!

Shannon Blood said...

I hope never to meet a chigger! Lordy!

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