Sunday, May 6, 2018

TO BE OR NOT TO BE....ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE/The Sunday Whirl World #350 -- Poets United Poets Pantry

I think I understand 
A control drama
Is what you were preforming
You were feeling power-less
You dug around 
In your same old bag of tricks

Watched for your moment
Your voice rose
You shrieked
Shattered crystal
Preforming an old drama

I have seen it before
Sometimes, on a sunny day
I have seen a water spout
On the waters of the bay
The sky may turn dark
It is a phenomenon plain and simple
Like the “dust devils” in the sage

Stop the presses...

Here is a tip
It is not necessary 
To frighten children
Make people run away
In order to feel powerful
You seem to be chained
To the same old drama 
It may have worked once
But loses its effectiveness
When repeated

May 6, 2018


ladyleemanila said...

I like your poem :)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Some people are doomed to keep repeating the same old patterns.

Robert Bourne said...

great write I could definitely relate to the theme of this

girl said...

Yes, a "control drama." That sounds exactly right.

colleen Looseleafnotes said...

Great final stanza. The boy who cried wolf.

Mary said...

Yes indeed....those repetitive patterns lose their effectiveness in a short period of time.

jo said...

Excellent writing!

Donna@LivingFromHappiness said...

I too recognize those control dramas by certain folks and tire of them easily....this was wonderful!

Loredana Donovan said...

So true, some people thrive in creating drama!

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Some, it seems, know no other way. Hopefully they can learn, even if belatedly.

Wendy Bourke said...

A fantastic piece - that articulates an aspect of human interaction that, I don't feel is articulated nearly enough. I have long been amazed (floored, really) at how so many people proceed through their lives, without any ability (it would seem) to step back from their knee-jerk ways of 'being' - and take a hard look at their conduct ... which, on any number of levels, is just plain-not-working for them ... and for those they interact with. It is, as if, they feel they are entitled to dish out whatever they are inclined to dish out and everyone around them, should be up for the next round of their histrionics. The notion that they should get-a-grip and take themselves in hand, in order to be better human beings, it lost on these folks. Unbelievable - to me - and yet, they seem to be everywhere.

Jim said...

Those struggling for control are powerless when they've used all their tricks and hollering becomes just another sad exhibition. Your last verse, a summation makes it simple. We should use it more often. I think it also will be good to keep in ones mind even if intimidated.

dsnake1 said...

a great piece of writing.
i guess this is how some people interact with each other. to bully, to bluff and intimidate those around them.

Old Egg said...

We control our own destinies and can blame no-one but ourselves for our fate unless we are foolish enough to be guided by others. Then you are leading their chosen life not yours.

Dr. Anita Sabat said...

So true Annel.
Totally agree with you.
Have seen such drama unfold.
Doesn't help even after such people are advised and told...

Thotpurge said...

So true....

ayala said...

Some people repeat their mistakes and create drama along the way....unfortunate for all around them.

Vivian Zems said...

Same stage, same drama... it gets old- and then we notice. A good write!

Sarah Russell said...

Yup. Yelling it over and over just makes for monotony. I like your take on this — and on how it loses power in repetition.

humbird said...

Glad to read you again, blessings!

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