Tuesday, May 8, 2018



Each day is a new lesson
A new experience
There isn’t enough time
To learn it all

I mix colors each day
Choosing the first one
And then asking 
What will be next
What goes with what

Colors are rarely seen alone
They hang out in groups
With friends and family
When I work with color
It is all about relationships

What is judged warm
And what is judged cool
What is light
And what is dark
What is bright
And what is dull

I stand on the edge
And focus on the horizon
That place in between
The separation of land & sky
I cover my ears
For everything appears grey

May 7, 2018


brudberg said...

You have to look close to see the colors... that is a lesson to learn.

Jane Dougherty said...

Everything is relative, no white, no black, good or evil, light and colour change depending on how you look at them and in what company.

Mark Walters said...

We should be in concert with all the beautiful colors around us. It can make such a beautiful picture, Great word Annell!

Frank Hubeny said...

I like the idea of colors hanging out with friends and family.

De said...

Oh, I like this!

Mish said...

"I cover my ears
For everything appears grey"
Closing off one sense to strengthen another, perhaps...losing the grey to find the wonder of colours! I envy your multi-talent of art and poetry.

Toni Spencer said...

Interesting. Your take on colors reflects your painting artistry. I too like the idea of colors being with friends and family.

Kim Russell said...

I love the way you write poems as an artist, Annell - do you paint as a poet? You are so right about there not being enough time to learn it all. I particularly love the lines:
'Colors are rarely seen alone
They hang out in groups
With friends and family'.

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