Monday, May 21, 2018



My clouds dark
Thunder echoes across the mesa
Four drops on my window
It has been many days
Since it last rained

I wonder 
What will summer bring
Will it rain
As it has in the past
Or will summer be hot and dry

May 21, 2018


Kim Russell said...

I've never experienced a thunderstorm with only four drops of rain, Annell. I imagine it must be very hot and the air must crackle. over here in the UK, thunderstorms are always accompanied by downpours. I love a good thunderstorm!

Frank Hubeny said...

Scarce memory of rain as only four drops.

Vivian Zems said...

Will it rain....? I wish I had that problem. In the UK, the rain ambushes you at will. I love the pondering tone of your write.

Grace said...

Hopefully some rain as a relief to the summer heat ~

Sara McNulty said...

I can lend you some of ours! I do hope you have a soaking shortly.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

How i would love to hear thunder echoing across the mesa. My grandma and i shared a love of thunderstorms.

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brudberg said...

So very different perspective on rain if you live in a desert.

kaykuala said...


Mysterious weather - no wonder it has been said to be unpredictable!


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