Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday February 7, 2011 A Small Stone/ Big Tent Poetry/Poetry Potluck

A Small Stone

I have found I am not qualified
For Arctic exploration
So along with downhill skiing
These are two things I won't be doing
The gas has been turned on again
We'll probably be warm by tomorrow


Big Tent Poetry prompt: The Blues

It seems when the temperature
Drops for too long
Here comes the blues,
No matter how much
I resolve to not let it bother me
Fingers get numb
I can think of nothing else
Without warmth
I would have to seek
Warmer climes
Head south
Leave these beautiful
Mountains behind.

It has only been five days
Without gas
Unable to heat or cook
Feed the fireplace
Precious wood
We have survived
But it isn't the way
We would like it

I try not to complain
Remember there are others
Who live this way all the time
Some out of choice
Others without
When your routine is

It is hard
Not to get down
Sing the blues
Investigate every hue
Shade and tint
Rub your hands together
Try to create heat
Get the blood out to the tips

The lights are still on
The toilets flush
There is much to be grateful for
But blue is a must
It doesn't take long
For fingers to freeze

On TV I've seen people
In Arctic expeditions
One wonders how they could do it
The hardships are unbearable
They must have been
Made of stronger stock
Arctic expeditions
Aren't for me

Image from the internet.

Poetry Potluck prompt: Aims, Goals and Ambition

Blocks are stacked
Into configuration
Carefully balanced
One on top of another

Easily toppled
Down they come
To be stacked again
All that can be imagined
Once stacked
It must be evaluated

The question asked
Is there a good foundation
Are goals too top heavy
Queen, movie star, Rock singer
Or ambitions reasonable
Have preparations be done

A child understands
What is needed
To create a good
Stack of blocks
We can, too


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Put me on that non-Bucket List of Arctic expeditions and skiing. I'll come sit by the fire with you! SO relieved your gas has been turned back on, good heavens! Talk about cold, it must have been really uncomfortable.

Here we have sunshine, which makes us all goofy, being so long without it. It reminds us spring will come again.

signed...bkm said...

Love the metaphor of goals to blocks and that a child knows what it we forget...we need only remember those dreams....bkm

SandyCarlson said...

Beautiful poem. I am glad the gas is back on.

SandyCarlson said...

The blocks...I have nephews who used to act as if they were born to test every tower ever stacked. Insightful boys, they continue to check our sincerity.

Elizabeth said...

Glad you have gas once again. Those little things we take for granted, suddenly become the foundation upon which we have stacked all else. Children are often incredibly wise.


Jingle said...

love it,

blocks or legos are free tools 4 creators to create beautiful good stacks...thanks for the contribution.


Anonymous said...

yes we can! love it! here's my potluck~

flaubert said...

Annell, on "the blues" you have
made me thankful for the climate
I live in. I can't even imagine
a harsh winter anymore.
I can remember, but not imagine.


LKHarris-Kolp said...

I agree with Pamela. I can't imagine living in that kind of cold! I can't think much either when it gets that cold... I need warmth and sunshine for sure!


gautami tripathy said...

this is very good..

lined up...

Tumblewords: said...

I'm farther north than I ever wanted to be, so I can relate to this. A fine read!