Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday February 19, 2011/Poetry Bus/ A Small Stone/ Writers Island/Carry on Tuesday

Caught in Amber
In this moment
I am caught in Amber
My ears can hear nothing
The breath I take
Fills my lungs with nothing
I've worked all day
I've accomplished nothing

Beautiful insect
Caught in Amber
Held to the light
Wings glisten
As in the beginning
Times goes forward
And backward in
The same moment
A moment that
Lasts for all times
Caught in Amber


A Small Stone

White pages open
Like wings in flight
Thumb through
Each page a revelation
About a tiny red shoe
Carry on Tuesday Prompt: parting is such sweet sorrow
Writer's Island Prompt: #8 Foretell

Foretells the parting
Always with sorrow
The sweet unknown
And yet...
Your voice
Speaks of a tearing
Longed for --

Over time imagined
A hole or a flaw
Made by tearing
Beyond mending
Its tiny beginning so
Many years ago

Tears and ruptures
Wounds continue daily
The torn relationship
Beyond mending
Speaks of a parting
Longed for --

Reasons of compassion
Hinder the completion
The clock ticks
In the hall
Your sweet voice hums,
"Sweet sorrow
Is a parting
Longed for --"
Your eyes sparkle


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wowzers, Annell, these are all equally magnificent! I love the "caught in amber" poem so much, love the look of the thick pages and the accompanying stone, and the "tiny red shoe" (is that THE BOOK????)And the image and poem about foretelling, the "tearing beyond mending" begun "so many years ago" are poignant and powerful. What a wonderful, rich read this was!

SandyCarlson said...

I like the image of time moving forward and backward at the same time.

vivinfrance said...

The ambivalence of tearing - crying or ripping - makes this a startling poem.

Brian Miller said...

love the feel of that last piece annell...was just over at bkm and caught the red shoe book project...

Mary said...

Sometimes parting is sorrowful, tearing, isn't it? I have been there!

Gloria said...

I love your use of works perfectly in a perfectly penned piece on premonition. Enjoyed!