Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday February 5, 2011 A Small Stone/Poets United

A Small Stone
Raven sits high in Winter's bare tree
Surveys all through
Clear Mountain Air
Bird's eye view

Another Small Stone
Flames lick, promise warmth
Within rounded kiva,
Warms the cave
Fire is the heart of home
Makes us sing gratitude

More About the Red Shoes
The skins that wrap the feet
In bondage, tied secure
Have a rhythm all their own
Like the bird who has his song
Sings from his heart
Makes up his own words
Words so sweet
They could break your heart

Those shoes
Shaped like hearts
That hold the feet
Red they are
Shiny bright
Will find their way
On the darkest night.
She dances as though
In a dream

They'll call to you
They know your name,
There is no mistake
The song they sing
Like the Pied Piper's
Irresistible tune
It's not the children
But the women of the town
Slip into the red, red shoes
She's out of control
She won't listen to you

Red Shoes hang across
The telephone wires
Thrown there
To make her stop
Otherwise it's slip, dash, hop
She dances as though she's in a dream
She's out of control
She won't listen to you

I't s all she wants
She cuts and pastes
Sings her song
Writes her words
Paints her color
She's out of control
She won't listen to you.

State of Emergency
They say
The relighting won't happen
In Taos today
They will start in
Red River and Questa
We can survive

I go to Santa Fe today
Someone will have to stay
To keep feeding the fire
So the pipes won't break
that would be real damage
It's a little inconvenient
But there are some
Without heat or running water
All the time


Myrna R. said...

These are lovely poems.

I know what you mean about the invonvenient weather here in NM. I couldn't believe how cold it got here in the South. My husband had just gotten out of the hospital after knee replacement surgery. We had intermittent electricity, and no heat. Now I am so grateful for the some things I tend to take for granted.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love all of these, Annell. Especially your stone, Raven and the warm hearth fire.......your red shoe poem is quite wonderful. I loved every line! And I do hope everything returns to normal very soon for you.

Elizabeth said...

Also like the stone, Annell. Love the piece on the red shoes, you are exploring and it's fun to watch. Miss our talks, and just hope the emergency state lets up soon,


Brian Miller said...

that first one is just the raven and then the roll into the fire and finally the singing...very nice annell

signed...bkm said...

Oh I love your poem on the red shoes...thrown over the telephone wires...shaped like a heart...lovely indeed Annell you give the myth a different dimension...blessings...bkm